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Beauty Just About All of us are looking for more than just your typical products for a healthy scalp and skin products and many of us have done specific research on ingredients that are typically very healing and more costly than your typical salon shampoo manufacturers are willing to spend. For example Dead Sea Shampoos are made with actual black dead sea mud that is super rich in mineral content, anti aging, reducing cellulite and moisturizing like none of the silicone based products that simply coat your hair from the major manufacturers like Redken, Tigi, Nioxin, Matrix hair and more. A good Dead Sea Shampoo wil take your hair expereince to a whole new level – yet it can cost up to $5 more per bottle just to put in the Dead Sea Mud much less the seaweed and other high end ingredients. But those that have tried it you know how healthy your hair is afterwards. The trick is finding the real high quality and usually more expensive shampoos other than at your spas. The brand that is standing out above the rest is Purity Beauty and Healthy Products as they are best known throughout the spa industry for their ability to make the most effective body wraps in the idustry. Their work with dead sea muds, clays, salts, powders, seaweed, wraps, masques and other spa products make them the leader in the Dead Sea beauty products industry and now their Dead Sea Shampoo and Conditioning Treatment are making super big waves with those that try it. Dead Sea minerals are known for their ability to make tough skin and scalp conditions dissapear such as scalp psoriasis, eczema, dandruff, scalp sores, tenders scalp as well as everday hair .plaints like dry, damaged hair. The minerals in the mud actually penetrate the skin and hair cell layers unlike traditional hair care products that actually coat the hair. Other tough to find hair shampoos .es from Purity including Saw Palmetto shampoo that is used as an anti hair loss shampoo and a faster growing shampoo for both men and women. They also make a Tea Tree Shampoo that is used to purify the scalp from bacteria that has been implicated in tough scalp conditions such as eczema and psoriasis as well dandruff and even hair thinning and loss in both men and women. Purity is known for its amazing body wraps and other mud masques that are used for just about every skin, hair and body issue that you might think including detoxification to skin irritations and problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: