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"Look inside" added a new member of the family — "look inside the Sixth Series" – Sohu maternal philosopher Bacon once said: "curiosity is the wisdom of the tender child". From the United Kingdom Usborne (Usborne) selling classic house — "look inside" series, involving astronomy, geography, nature, science, history, humanities, let the children through the scroll through this new way of reading science, active exploration, uncover everything behind the secret". The geographical society silver Amazon UK star children’s books, children’s science education, sales top 10 Chinese original GAPP recommended to the National Youth outstanding science books in Shenzhen Reading Month "the first annual ten children’s book" Chinese version of the total sales of over 1 million copies of "new members" family — "look inside the Sixth Series", covering exploration, encyclopedic knowledge, weather, world famous palace four new theme, there are more than 400 copies over the page, let the children get "off" open secret! Brief introduction of "the secret adventure" Marco · when did Polo begin to travel to China? How big is the Zheng He boat ride? How did Columbo discover America by accident? Maritime navigation, polar competition, space exploration…… The book shows the pioneers to explore the unknown world of tenacity and perseverance. The open page, you will find more secrets! "Secret knowledge" the world’s longest railway in where? What is the fastest animal on land? What is the smallest bone in the human body? Which scientist invented dynamite? What is the highest temperature planet in the solar system?…… The book details the knowledge involved in many areas of wikipedia. The open page, you will find more secrets! "Secret weather" why the weather? How to forecast the weather? What are the important climate types in the world? 650 million years ago, the earth is a big snowball?…… The book details the various types of meteorological knowledge. The open page, you will find more secrets! What is the layout of the palace of the Imperial Palace in China? The French Palace of Versailles’s largest orchard planted with what? Whose house is Catherine’s palace in Russia? Alhambra palace in Spain, amber castle in India, Hampton palace in the uk…… The book gives a detailed introduction to the famous palaces all over the world. The open page, you will find more secrets! Author Megan · (Megan Cullis); carlys British children’s writer, I love reading, painting and playing the cello, since the start of 2008 to Usborne press writing children’s books, the content from natural science to fairy tales and other types are covered. James · Mclean (James Maclaine) the famous British children’s book writer, good children science book creation, interesting work, children bring endless fun to read, has been popular with children. Katie · (Katie Daynes)相关的主题文章: