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Computers-and-Technology Have you ever tried to play a video or a song directly from a browser? Ofcourse you might have tried it. Do you know what makes this real time communication possible? WebRTC, short form of Web Real Time Communication defines a standard for the browsers on how to send and receive both audio and video data. World Wide Web Consortium develops this open project which solves the very common problem, the incompatibilities for real time communication. Today, it is necessary to download a software or create account to make audio or video calls possible. WebRTC made the browser to browser communication possible without downloading and installing any third party plugins. All the fundamental capabilities needed to support the WebRTC standard will be already included in the browser. Generally, an audio, video and Network components are included with a WebRTC package. Before WebRTC was developed there were two options available to make the voice or video communication possible. One was to build your own voice or video client and the other was to implement Adobe Flash based solution. Unfortunately both the two options have some challenges. To build a voice or video client of your own, you must need a team of excellent people who knows well about it and sufficient financial resources. It was one of the most complicated applications to build. Moreover, maintaining the technical staffs and getting the required voice and video codecs need a huge amount of financial stuff. Even though, if you possess both of these requirements, still the chance of risk is higher in this case. So companies were scared to invest in such a project. Moreover,a better understanding about the codec and its usage is necessary to build your own client. Apart from building your own client, another option available was to implement an Adobe Flash based solution. The architectural design of flash which was not designed for real time communication over the Internet and the lack of Apple device support became the hindrances for a flash solution. All these challenges were overwhelmed with the introduction of WebRTC. As it was accessed via a JavaScript API, it was easy for the developers to implement their own RTC web app. Nowadays, a lot many companies are available that help you build voice and video client. Exario Networks is one of the most reputed company that offers you services to build your own client. The excellent team in Exario Networks helps you create a fast reliable and scalable solution. They also provide video conferencing solutions, gateway solutions, and client solutions. WebRTC doesnt provide a particular standard for signalling. It is up to the development company to decide what type of signalling they want. Exario Networks uses WebRTC SIP protocol for signalling. Moreover, you can also get custom solutions to meet your special requirements. Most of the customers will be having special needs and requirements to ensure proper integration with the current platforms. Anything and everything is possible with Exario Network solutions. The experienced and trained experts in Exario Networks will help you throughout the process of developing a client. To get the desired result, what you just need to do is clearly communicate with the experts there. Make sure that the develop is well clear on what your requirement is. The rest will be taken care by the Exario Network experts. Going through the website of Exario Networks will make you know more about the WebRTC solutions. So we can conclude that, WebRTC gateway is the one and only free, quality rich solution that enables the communication with the browser. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: