It’s eight years since a key has been set aside. This is the envy of the neighbor’s

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A key place is eight years which has a bestie, to the neighbor sisters envy are not sisters, but more than a sister. In Ningbo Yinzhou River Street Phoenix Village, there is such a bestie, they are changing age, meet each other, to regain the life the most beautiful memories. Liu Shujie, home northeast, has been to Ningbo for many years, 1995, Phoenix New Village just delivered, she will be home here. Wang Jialing and her age, hometown in Anhui Wuhu, in 2000, the couple moved to Ningbo with her daughter, at the home of the Phoenix village. It is fate, two families do not live in the same building, but unexpectedly became a good neighbor, good friends. Aunt Wang likes singing, likes to jump, every morning will go to a small park for a little bit of exercise, every time you will see Aunt liu. The first two people just say hello to later more comfortable. A cheerful, talkative, a real person, together with the same age, can chat topic is particularly much. What are the experiences of a good neighborhood? Two people think for a long time, smiled and shook his head: "what experience, really want to, or care." The basic necessities of life can help each other, naturally to help. On weekdays, who has good food, say hello, and what tools to borrow, come to take it yourself." Aunt Liu said. In 2008, Wang Jialing’s wife died of illness, the unexpected blow, let her for a time unable to accept, sometimes slept a day Chafanbusi; sometimes sit on the balcony in a daze; sometimes go out, like a lost soul like, forgot the key, over and over himself at the door. "In those days, thanks to the Shu Jie, every day to send me hot meals do not say, still accompany chat chat, pull me out of town." Aunt Wang said. In order to facilitate the good sisters to come home, she also specially gave Aunt Liu a key of his own. This is 8 years. With this key, Aunt Liu’s home frequency is higher, as long as the home has delicious, she will do more than one sent. Aunt Wang said they do not cook, usually home to the guests, are looking for Liu aunt to help the chef. "Once, the old university four or five friends come to my house to play, I don’t know what to take to entertain them, a phone call in the past, she came and helped me to everyone to eat dumplings." Here, Wang Jialing did not forget to boast a few words, "her oil choke cucumber can be delicious."." Listen, Wang Jialing has been praising herself, Liu aunt can not help it: "she does good choice to praise me, in fact, she also helped me a lot."." A few days ago, Liu Ayi’s wife was hospitalized for two or three months, Wang aunt ran several hospitals, to help find a doctor, ask the patient’s condition. "I was looking after my wife in the hospital, and I didn’t have time to buy any food. Almost all the dishes in the house were bought by her, and she didn’t want to give him any money." The speech, the two also opened their mobile phone, there are a lot of them go out play photos, these years, two people together went to Qingdao, Dalian, Kunming and other places, "the friendship will continue. We are good friends and good neighbors in china."

一把钥匙一放就是八年 这对邻居的姐妹情令人羡慕 有一种闺蜜,不是姐妹,却胜似姐妹。在宁波鄞州中河街道凤凰新村,就有这样一对闺蜜,她们在洗尽铅华的年纪里,遇见了彼此,重拾了人生最美好的记忆。刘淑杰,老家东北,来宁波已经好多年了,1995年,凤凰新村刚交付,她便在这里安了家。王家玲和她同岁,老家是安徽芜湖,2000年,夫妻俩跟着女儿举家搬来宁波,把新家安在了凤凰新村。说起来也是缘分,两户人家不住在同一幢,但意外成了好邻居、好朋友。王阿姨喜欢唱喜欢跳,每天早上都会去小公园锻炼一小会儿,每次去都会见到刘阿姨。起初两人只是打招呼,到后来愈发熟络起来。一个开朗健谈,一个为人实在,加上都是同龄,能聊的话题特别多。一对好邻里,相处的经验有哪些?两人想了半天,笑着摇头:“哪有什么经验,真要有,也就是将心比心。”“衣食住行但凡能帮上忙的,自然要帮一把。平日里谁家有好吃的了,招呼一声就行,要借什么工具,自己过来拿就是。”刘阿姨说。2008年,王家玲的老伴重病去世,这突如其来的打击,让她一时间无法接受,有时候一睡就是一天,茶饭不思;有时就坐在阳台上发呆;有时候出门,像丢了魂似的,忘记带钥匙,三番两次把自己关在门外。“那段日子,多亏了淑杰,每天给我送热菜热饭不说,还陪着唠唠嗑,拉我出去散散心。”王阿姨说。为了方便好姐妹上门,她还特地给了刘阿姨一把自家的钥匙。这一放就是8年。有了这把钥匙,刘阿姨上门的频率更高了,只要家里有好吃的,她都会做多一份送过来。王阿姨说自己不大会做菜,平常家里来客人,都是找刘阿姨来帮忙掌厨。“有一次,老年大学的四五个朋友来我家玩,我不知道拿什么招待他们,一个电话过去,她就过来帮我包饺子给大伙吃。”说到这里,王家玲还不忘夸上几句,“她做的油呛黄瓜可好吃了。”听着王家玲一直夸自己,刘阿姨实在忍不住了:“她尽挑好的夸我,其实她也帮了我不少。”前些日子,刘阿姨的老伴生病住院要两三个月,王阿姨跑了好几趟医院,帮着找医生、打听病情。“我那时要在医院照看老伴,没时间买菜,家里的菜几乎都是她帮着买的,给他钱她也不要。”说话间,两人还打开各自的手机,里面有好多是她们一起外出游玩拍的照片,这些年,两人结伴去过青岛、大连、昆明等地,“这份情谊,一定会继续下去。我们是好朋友,也是中国好邻居。”相关的主题文章: