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Internet Conference: China in new window – Global Governance technology of Sohu Third World Internet Conference held in Wuzhen in Zhejiang is like a raging fire, the meeting identified the "innovation driven, the benefit of mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny" theme, the inhabitants of the global Internet governance pulse, shows the China reflects the wisdom Chinese as the world power’s responsibility and role. Internet Conference has become a new window for China to participate in global governance. At present, the Internet has become an important infrastructure, integrated into all aspects of social production and life, become an important part of innovation ecology, industrial ecology and social ecology. "Internet +" not only for people to bring the network about cars, cloud computing, big data, sharing economy, economy and economy live idle new economy new formats, also brought a new way of thinking — Thinking of the Internet for people. As general secretary Xi Jinping said, the Internet is the most dynamic area of our era. With the Internet and network scale, the fundamental reason is the convenience of Internet people, innovative modes of production, but also lead to frequent arch-criminal network spatial information disclosure, network violence and other problems "". Specifically, with access to the Internet, the number of individuals, organizations, institutions and countries increased, the value of the Internet will bring to mankind. At the same time, an access point, global sharing features that anyone can publish rumors and pornographic information whenever and wherever possible in the network space, and even the use of network manufacturing and terrorist activities, and endanger the healthy development of the society, and bring a series of new challenges to human society. Therefore, the development of the Internet is no borders, Internet governance is no boundaries. The conference "innovation driven, the benefit of mankind – to join hands to build a network of space destiny community" theme is no doubt fit the requirements of the development and governance of the Internet without borders. To build a community of destiny in cyberspace and hold the global Internet governance pulse. Only the construction of cyberspace community of destiny, in order to meet the national requirements to share the fruits of development of the Internet, and inspire enthusiasm for countries to purify network space, network security management. Innovation driven display of Chinese wisdom. Virtual, borderless Internet of the governance process is different from the ordinary things, only insist on innovation driven, to constantly improve the governance measures, all kinds of problems and challenges to the development of the Internet in the. For this reason, to promote the realization of equal respect for cyberspace, innovation and development, open sharing, security and orderly goal by Xi Jinping, general secretary, has been widely recognized by countries. The embodiment of the great powers to benefit mankind. The improvement of the global governance significance lies not only in promoting the healthy development of the Internet, more is to make the Internet better benefit of all mankind, particularly for developing countries to share development achievements of the internet. The benefit of the Internet is not only a manifestation of China’s increasingly broad international vision, but also reflects China’s responsibility as a world power and play. In order to make the Internet development achievements benefit the people of all countries, in the future, China’s Internet development also need to pay attention to inside and outside. On the one hand, the blacksmith)相关的主题文章: