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India launched the cheapest mobile phone in history, only sold 24 yuan – Sohu digital   Zhongguancun online news: now India has one of the fastest growing smart phone market in the world, many mobile phone manufacturers have landed in India. Two days ago, Ringing , a India mobile phone maker, announced that it would launch smartphones with a price of less than 500 rupees (RMB 48 yuan) in Bells. Today, this smart phone called Freedom  251 can be booked on its official website. India launched the cheapest mobile phone in history, from the appearance, the machine screen ratio is not low, the design is also very good. On the configuration, the machine uses a 4 inch 960*540 touch screen, equipped with 1.3GHz quad core processor, 1GB  RAM and 8GB  ROM storage portfolio to support microSD extensions. Camera configuration is only 300 thousand pixels and 3 million 200 thousand pixel camera combination, equipped with 1450mAh battery. This machine supports 3G connection, WiFi  802.11  b g n, Bluetooth, GPS and so on; runs Android  5.1  Lollipop system. It is understood that, Ringing , Bells this is in response to the India government launched Make  In  India activities launched, should receive high subsidies. At the price, Freedom  251 for only 251 rupees (RMB 24 yuan)! This price is really "with no predecessors who have".   印度推出史上最便宜手机 真的只卖24元-搜狐数码   中关村在线消息:现在印度已经全球增长最快的智能手机市场之一,很多手机厂商都已登陆印度。两天前,印度手机厂商Ringing Bells宣布将推出售价低于500卢比(约合人民币48元)的智能手机。今天,这款名为Freedom 251的智能手机可以在其官网接受预订了。   印度推出史上最便宜手机   从外观上看,该机屏占比不低,设计上也很不错。在配置上,该机采用4.0英寸的960*540的触控屏,搭载1.3GHz的四核处理器,1GB RAM和8GB ROM的存储组合,支持microSD扩展。摄像头配置仅是30万像素和320万像素的摄像头组合,配备1450mAh的电池。该机支持3G连接、WiFi 802.11 b g n、蓝牙、GPS等,运行Android 5.1 Lollipop系统。   据了解,Ringing Bells此次是为了响应印度政府推出的Make In India活动推出的,应该获得了高额的补贴。   在售价上,Freedom 251的售价仅仅为251卢比(约合人民币24元)!这样的价格真的“前无古人后无来者”。  相关的主题文章: