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Travel-and-Leisure The mantra of most experienced travelers is ‘less is more.’ Now, who wants to lug heavy bulky bags across large airports far away from home? When you travel, it’s .mon to run from place to place. A trick of the trade for vacations as told by seasoned travelers is to consider packing only one bag. What’s more, you should consider creating you bag the size of a carry-on bag. The size that fits. Important travel tips for your vacation suggest you have fun, wherever you go, and however you get there. One bag is easier to keep track of, than two or three bags. You don’t have to check your bags and risk losing them altogether. One travel bag gives you less to carry. This means you don’t have to pay someone to assist you. You could pay up for one of those Smarte Cartes at the airport as you move towards your vacations. Further, with one bag, you won’t be tempted to purchase all those useless souvenirs as you return to your homeland. There simply will not be space for any extras within your bag for your return trip. Only one carry bag means not having to worry about arriving at the airport early. Likewise, you won’t need to stick around waiting at the luggage carrousel at your destination. Go ahead, run through train terminals and take the backseats of taxicabs easily. Customs inspections? What do you think? How do you feel about limiting your travel bags to one? Jus how do you fit all your necessaries into a single carry on bag. It can be done with carful planning. Take only what you what you need. When thinking, "I might need this," you may be safe in assuming that you won’t require the items. Should you feel that you could indeed live without this, why not leave it home? Plan for laundry time while you travel. You can even do it in your hotel room sink. Laundry time will make it possible for you to pack less cloths. Think abut the mix and match method for your wardrobe. When packing toiletry items, pack travel-size products. If travel sizes aren’t easy to find, you’ll be glad you took the trouble. You’ll also be delighted that many of the travel size products can be reused-even toothpaste tubes. Do remember to pack some underwear, socks, and other small cloth items. Put them inside larger clothing such as shoes. That will maximize all available space. If you take clothing that is almost warn out you can ware it one then toss it fm your bag. That will leave room for souvenirs. How abut that plastic replica of Mt. Rushmore? When thinking of the items you can’t do without, check in advance the weather forecast for your vacation prior to your departure so that you can make preparations accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: