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What Do Dreams Mean? By: Sanjana Antony | Aug 31st 2015 – Some people believe that dreams are absolutely gibberish that only results from fragments of one"��s memories and imaginations. However, there are a great number of individuals who consider their dreams as insights or omens, especially when there are images and symbols that are vague on the surface. A person may need to di … Tags: Interpreting Your Dream Moods Using A Dictionary By: David William | Aug 13th 2013 – A dreams dictionary can be enormously helpful in interpreting your dreams, although your dream moods will always affect how you interpret your dreams. Most North and South Americans and Europeans were raised in a more-or-less Christian culture, whether Catholic, Protestant, of Orthodox. Tags: Interpreting Dreams Of Teeth By: David William | Aug 13th 2013 – The interpretation of dreams about teeth is loaded with very primal images and emotions. We use our teeth to eat, and food is one of the most basic of pleasures, just as withholding food or forcing people to eat distasteful food is a very basic form of cruelty. Tags: Understanding Dream Psychology By: David William | Aug 12th 2013 – DreamsCloud offers a dream decoder. A dream decoder is a little application inside the website that produces .mon meanings and a variety of images when you type a dream into your dream journal. You have to join to use the dream decoder, but joining is free. Tags: How To Interpret Dreams By: Jill Magso | Nov 17th 2011 – The process of assigning a meaning to your dreams is known as dream interpretation. This is a study that has gone on for many centuries in many diverse cultures. The first known research done regarding dreams and their meanings was by a neurologist named Sigmund Freud. Tags: Dreams Mean Something By: Fiona Page | Jul 16th 2010 – When we close our eyes, we dream in our sleep. Dreams have puzzled us always. Our dreams either make us happy or pensive. They even frighten us at times. Tags: 相关的主题文章: