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This article mainly tells FFXIV players how to be a good Tank. You will know how to be a qualified teammate, how to choose appropriate weapons, how to level fast, and the advantages and disadvantages to be a Tank. This is a guide that I spent several hours, hope it can be helpful for all Tanks. Shields in Store usually costs 1000 FFXIV Gil , physical defense 22, physical attack 22, shield attack 80, retention 13. After loading the shield, the action bar will automatically be.e the third grid shield defense skills: In the back of the battle you will be able to use a shield defense. For the shield in front of the monster attack is successful, will block off a large part of the damage, in general, if the defense is not bad equipment, it can be .pletely the same level of monster attacks Block out (that is, 0 losses). The basic tactic 2: Block + Phalanx When Block is successful, you can launch the most important counter attacks Shield Association Hall 8: "phalanx Phalanx", consumes only 250TP, energy value (stam) consume very little Lv8: Phalanx (35stam 250TP 5sCD cross-cut) Skill description is "from defense into attack, attack power increases, cutting injury. Increase the degree of hatred, only in the success of Block (parry) before you can use." – Phalanx successful parry into force after the time requirements are relatively high, because the relationship between speed, my Phalanx launch success rate is not 100 percent. This trick is very beautiful animation, time is relatively long, usually waiting for this move is done, the energy value up a lot, just to put down a move: The basic tactic 3: Technology + Light Stab main injury If you can take before beginning after phalanx Circle Slash Lv6 Circle slash (85stam 1000TP 7sCD cross-cut) This trick is that I know only one trick fencers AOE, so be careful not to blame the next hit. Also note that this trick on flying targets (such as Firefly) is invalid If it is after 12 can be connected in the square Spinstroke Lv12: Spinstroke (85stam 1000TP no CD cross-cut) The main characteristic of this move is to grab hatred with his teammates, if you use Spinstroke target object is not you, then use this trick when the attack would Bonus. Of course, this trick does not lose itself in damage output Circle Slash. The Spinstroke costs a lot of FFXIV Gil, you can buy cheap FFIXV Gil from ssegold. If it is after 16 can be connected in the square Howling vortex Lv16 Howling vortex (85stam 1000TP 7sCD cross-cut) The effects of this move is to reduce the speed of the target singing, still very useful. After the main damage skills quickly into force if a Light Stab stab light, then it is easy to form a continuous playback of the animation, the time interval between the two injuries are very close. If you do not like to use the main damage skill (because Stam consume more), you can also use Light Slash alternately attacking and Light Stab – but some say do not get skill points WS low, this is yet to be tested. The basic tactic 4: Light Stab then lift the shield While above 1-3, and your .bat log should appear gray in his words "your sheild fall down" (it should not mistaken), meaning to maintain lift longer shield posture. When these lines appear, if you are not familiar with the rhythm of the monster’s attack, we must once again lift the shield. If you are familiar with the rhythm of the monster’s attack, then you can launch more attacks after injury, before launching attacks in the monster cite shield. If you give enough shield current energy value, then the battle will be held the record shield success tips. If you move the current value is not enough energy shield, then fight record says you are ready give the shield, the shield held until the value reaches energy requirements will be prompted to move the shield success. After the success of the monster again cite shield attacks will continue to be successful Block, draw a square, followed by cycle. If the speed card friends, or keep the shield is not high (less than 20% durability) of friends, may give time to maintain the shield is less than the above attack sequence 1-3 .plete, so we should always pay attention to the .bat log and lift gray Shield. 相关的主题文章: