How To Learn Anything With Secret Memory

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News-and-Society You can vastly improve your learning and speed reading with powerful mighty memory methods. As human beings, we are able to do many things at the same time. Despite what women think. Even men can multi-task! As an example, we can watch television while reading a newspaper (especially when soap operas are on) drink a cup of coffee while speaking on the telephone, or sing a song whilst ironing a shirt! These tasks are very simple to do, and we seldom find difficulty doing so. But not everyone has developed the ability to do things simultaneously in the same way. As an example, I am fairly adept at singing and playing the guitar at the same time. If you were to ask me to play a one man band set up, I would be stumped! I could do it, but it would take a lot of practice. To attain mastery of anything takes much practice and determination. Talent also helps. Our brains, however, have the ability to quickly adjust and synchronise many skills into a rhythmic display. The level of skill displayed changes from being consciously in.petent to being unconsciously .petent! Do you remember as a child learning to ride a bicycle? You first had to learn balance, then how to paddle with your 2 feet, whilst at the same time looking where you are going,so as not to crash into a tree! How often I got that wrong! In time, you were able to ride your bicycle with your hands off the handle bars,all at the same time. Hallelujah. What wonderful coordination skills. When we have for a long time practised a skill, it internalised and can be performed even into old age. The old saying, you never forget how to ride a bike is absolutely true. It is said that the fingers of a concert pianist are so practised that they have a form of memory.The body can "remember" a skill. The mastering of memory training or memory techniques, follows the same role of .petency. It’s just like any skill that we have learned. Practice makes perfect. It’s not surprising that top experts in memory such as Harry Lorraine, are able to understand us with the ability to recall long digit numbers and hundreds or even thousands of items in perfect order. It boils down to learning mnemonic techniques, and practice — practice — practice to get a mighty memory. Anyone can learn to remember using these methods. Names, faces, historical dates, mathematical formulas, scientific facts or anything else for that matter. Mnemonics is a godsend for students facing exams, in particular. But anyone can be helped, young or old, smart or not so smart. A man called John Preston, aged 78 can remember, every verse of the New Testament. He attributes this skill to a technique he learnt when he was 65 years of age! Training the memory, just like physical training is good for the brain, and helps to stave off dementia or Atztheimer’s disease. I re.mend you learn a new skill today and keep your mind sharp, well into old age. I learned mnemonics ,when I was well into my 40s, and it has been a marvellous help through my life since then. My only regret is that I didn’t learn of this sooner. If you would like to learn how I did it, check out the mighty memory system. You’ll get lots of information, much of it free, that will teach you the skills I have mentioned. You can visit the Mighty Memory website by clicking on the link . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: