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Business Most of us barely have personal time throughout the day. Our minds are busy thinking about the events of the day and the problems of tomorrow. With this kind of thought pattern, it can be hard to discover your vision. One of the best ways to find your vision, then, is to search out your passions. Find what makes you truly happy and spend time doing that. Try to spend time praying and meditating on these passions. Visualize yourself doing them and feel yourself actively engaged. Get your senses involved and create a real moment. This is an effective way to find your vision. What is the difference between circumstances and obstacles? Circumstances are temporary events or conditions showing up in your life and your business. These events are not controlled by you, but you have a great deal of influence over the Obstacles are anything that you perceive to be blockades to your success and fulfillment. You have full control over what you perceive to be an obstacle. With the right frame of mind, you could eventually eliminate that thought and live a life free of mental barriers. What does alignment look like? Alignment happens when the mind, body and spirit operate in unity to produce an intentional result. The opposite is like driving a car with the wheels out of alignment. When you’re not aligned with your true purpose and vision, you can "power through" and may get to where youre going — but you will be exhausted when you arrive because of the energy youve had to expend to work OUTSIDE of what is authentically true for you. Our bodies react the same way. When our mind, body and spirit are misaligned, it causes us to suffer physical results of low energy and other types of ailments. When alignment is correct, you feel more energized and ready for the next level. For more powerful insights on how a simple shift in your mindset can create staggering results in your business, download my FREE ebook, "7 Deadly Mindset Mistakesand How to Fix Them for Lasting Success in Business and Life" at OdellStunkard… About the Author: Odell Stunkard is an author, speaker and transformational teacher with over 30 years experience in service management. He has served as CAO, CFO, CEO and now co-owner of several businesses in his native Texas, where he currently resides, as well as Southeast Asia. Odell enjoys spending time hiking, traveling, reading as well as spending time with friends and family. His true passion is to teach about how to change ones story. His own story of abuse, manipulation, oppression, alcohol, drugs and poverty to stand in a place of joy, peace and prosperity is the passionate message he delivers to teach transformational life and business strategies. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: