Hefei property market cooling or to the first half of 2017, the first real estate in the county fire-candy candy

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Hefei property market or to the first half of 2017 the county completed the first "fire" the Hefei purchase policies, described as a ripple, exactly how the effect, the market is a barometer of the most direct "". In October 3rd, Hefei purchase on the first day of the implementation of the policy, in the County opened the market first "fire" to Feixi real estate from the 376 suite was 3000 people to grab". But for the second-hand housing market, more practitioners are pessimistic. A, the purchase of the first year of implementation of the end of March 2011 Hefei purchase credit limit within one year after the implementation of the Hefei property market, the monthly sales of no more than 6000 sets, the average monthly sales after the purchase of a year than a year before the purchase fell nearly 50%. Sales fold, the purchase of a year after the Hefei residential average price rose, and even there have been several times the average price fell for two or three consecutive months. After the purchase of the formal implementation of the policy, from April 2011 to July 2011 period, Hefei residential prices fell significantly. The purchase of credit limit after a year, can be said to be the low stage of the property market in Hefei, and the average monthly sales volume has declined trend, the sales decline is very large, most of the month residential sales of only three thousand or four thousand sets. B, the purchase of second years to implement the purchase credit limit after second years, the Hefei property market turnover rebounded phenomenon, already from the first year of the monthly average of 3600 sets up to the monthly average of 7000 units, which have rebounded to purchase a year before the average monthly sales situation. The average price of second a year, the average price rose 500 yuan square meters, Hefei property market price still does not exceed 7000 yuan square meters. Second years of the purchase of the property market sales and prices have picked up, the purchase began to weaken the impact of the rise in demand during this period has also been affected by the supplement social security, tax and other factors. C, the purchase of third years to implement the restriction of the purchase of more than a year to ban the purchase of the property market in Hefei, the average monthly sales rose to a total of 8500 units, sales rose by more than the same period in of 20%. The average price in more than a year, prices rose 1000 yuan square meters, and house prices turned 8000 yuan square meters the trend is very obvious. The purchase of third years, the impact of the purchase of the policy on the property market has been very small, just need to continue to seize the market and investment customers, sales and price recovery is very clear. D, the purchase of the ban the purchase of the first year in August 2014 after the lifting of the ban, the Hefei property market sales did not have a "blowout" phenomenon, while the average monthly sales also fell to 7500 units, a single month sales volume and presents a relatively stable phenomenon. The purchase of the ban after February 2016, Hefei property prices are from 8000 yuan rose to 9000 yuan square meters square meters, prices steadily rising trend. After the purchase of the lifting of the ban, Hefei residential sales have been a small drop phenomenon, although prices continue to rise phenomenon, but the overall price increase is still relatively stable. E, the lifting of the ban for second years after the lifting of the purchase of the property market policy for the past second years, the average monthly sales of residential Hefei city last year相关的主题文章: