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Guangzhou women’s doubles tennis match Peng Shuai’s satisfaction with the resumption of the situation – the new network wide doubles pass the satisfaction of the recovery yesterday, WTA women’s tennis open the curtain. Wang Yafan and Xun Fangying two who missed the second round, Zhu Lin defeated Jiqieluoke promotion, and Peng Shuai partner Mohamed beat Zheng Saisai Wu Yunrou. After the game, Peng Shuai accepted the media interview. Talk about the body has been able to run the audience last summer, suffering from the spinal disc side of the suffering of Peng Shuai’s surgery, after which she entered a long self-cultivation. Previously, she was implanted in the heart of the 6 springs, knees and shoulders were also required to inject lubricant to adhere to. In March this year, she returned to Wells in the Indian open in June to get a singles match, Nottingham Open women’s doubles championship. Although after the Rio Olympics and the US Open Singles will stop the first round, but she always expressed optimism, as long as the back is a success. Yesterday in Guangzhou, her partner American girl Mohamed in the first round of the women’s doubles in the ratio of 6 to 1 and 6 to 3 win over Zheng Saisai Wu Yunrou, successfully advanced to the second round. After the game, she answered physical problems the public is most concerned about: "now the situation has just finished surgery when a lot of good, when the leg lift, two feet can’t jump together. In Australia before the beginning of the game, I was in the second half of the run is more difficult, and now can run the audience." Talk about the comeback from the source of concern in the wide network, Peng Shuai will be in a single doubles two line operations. It is worth mentioning that, she is also the first round of the singles opponent Zheng Saisai. "I’m lucky to have a single pair." She smiled and said, "when I was training yesterday, Zheng Saisai micro letters say we have two individual single doubles, very clever." For the beginning of the Chinese season, the former Chinese genius girl still said his biggest goal is to return to the stadium. "I was very happy and chose to stay when I chose to retire. When I was in surgery, the doctor said that the situation is not very optimistic about the possibility of a good recovery after surgery is only half. But from the recovery after surgery is now very good, I am not satisfied." At the same time, she also thanked all the people who have always supported her. Fans will be in the WeChat group and micro-blog @ I tell me these ways, they will always be with me, which makes me feel very warm. There are media, as well as friends around me, everyone in my injury after surgery have given me a lot of understanding and concern." Beijing morning news reporter Ge Xiaoqian相关的主题文章: