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Vacation-Rentals Grand Canyon Vacation: Grand Canyon national park Getting away from the pressures of the city life is among the common goals when you plan a getaway as well as to relax and enjoy with the company of your family and friends. In order to realize these goals, you must pick a vacation destination that will bring you closer to nature. Because it displays the true beauty of nature and gives travelers a rare chance to experience it up close and personal, Grand Canyon National Park is the perfect spot for vacationers who have an appreciation for nature. The canyon, which is located in the amazing Arizona state, is incredibly steep with a depth reaching 6000 feet and measuring 446 miles long. The South Rim of the canyon is more popular because it has more attraction spots like Grand Canyon Village, Hermit’s Rest and the Watchtower. Your Grand Canyon vacation will not only consist of sightseeing activities, you can also participate in other activities like rafting, hiking and air tours. Weekend Vacation in Grand Canyon Whether you are planning for a quick weekend in Las Vegas or vacationing for week or two, there is much more to this so called Sin City than just the many hotels, exciting bars, and non- stop gambling. All you have to do is experience the numerous attraction spots that this place has to offer such as Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire and Lake Mead to remove the stress accumulated from a busy work week. Millions of people from all walks of life frequent the wonderful Grand Canyon, which you must also visit if you desire for a more awesome destination. You can spend more than a day to completely explore this natural wonder but a weekend trip is all you need to fully appreciate its beauty and enjoy all activities it offer. There are always great deals on hotels and airfare specially made for Grand Canyon vacation for weekend travelers since its ever growing popularity. Seniors Vacation in Grand Canyon Seniors can avail of various discounts on hotel accommodations and airline tickets that are offered with Grand Canyon senior vacation packages. Day tours that are specifically designed for the older generation, plus perfectly suitable attraction spots to be visited are included in these special deals. Both young and old people are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience in one of the famous tourist spots and natural wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, which is also the most visited by senior tours. These tours are generally bus tours that involve a minimum adventure, as the age and the health of the passengers has to be taken into consideration. Several senior tours offer complimentary breakfast or lunch, as well as free entry into the Grand Canyon National Park. Most of the buses provided for senior tours are modern motor coaches that give the elderly tourists maximum comfort and leisure during their tour. Air Flights: Grand Canyon Vacation The city of Las Vegas, which is located near the California and Arizona borders, is one of the major tourist destinations of the world. Grand Canyon, which is known as one of the few natural wonders of the world, can be found near this city that is said to have some of the best attractions in the world. Although there are various tours available for tourists in Las Vegas, people mostly prefer air tours, as they provide the best view of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon along with the adventure of giving a bird’s eye view of the entire beauty of Arizona. To give a complete view of things happening in the canyon like its rock formations, most of the aircraft used for Grand Canyon vacation tours have oversized windows and high wings. A complimentary pick up and drop off service for clients from all the major hotels of Las Vegas is usually offered in most of these tours; each one way tour between Las Vegas and Grand Canyon takes 1 hour 15 minutes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: