Gold prices fell 10 yuan this year for the first time down

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Beijing gold fell 10 yuan for the first time this year, the lower the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The newspaper news (reporter Fu Yang) after the golden week the international gold price diving, Beijing morning each gold shop price down 10 yuan, this is the year Beijing seventh times to adjust the price of gold, is the first time this year lowered the price of gold. By the Fed’s inflation and employment levels and the European Central Bank may reduce the impact of QE and other factors, the rapid fall in the international price of gold, the biggest one-day decline in three years, a minimum of $1243 ounces. The holiday ended, Beijing began to fluctuate with the market retailers also lowered the price of gold. Today morning, Caibai cut gold jewelry gold, gold, gold 999 per thousand were down 10 yuan, to 318 yuan, 321 yuan. Guohua jewelry today cut the price of gold, gold 999 yuan down to 321 grams, 990 grams of gold fell to 318 yuan. Chinese pawn line is currently the realization of the price of gold pawn pawn 264 yuan, lower than the previous month of $16. But compared with the beginning, the current price of gold pawn is still higher than nearly 40 yuan. In terms of gold jewelry, Chinese pawn line gold price adjusted to 298 yuan per gram, down by more than $12. This year, the major gold stores in Beijing conducted a total of 6 price adjustment, are rising, the cumulative increase of 53 yuan. The reduction, but also for the first time in Beijing, gold down. China jewelry gold investment analyst Huang Liang introduced, because some time ago, the Fed issued a hawkish voice, and the Democrats won the election likely rebounded, the dollar rose, gold investors collective selling, causing the decline in the price of gold from the gold price two times below the speed after dropping 1250 resistance rebound situation, gold the recent low has formed a strong support. The price of gold, may wait for the opportunity to bring opportunities for investors. According to data released by the central bank 7, as of the end of 9, the domestic gold reserves increased significantly from June 2014 to 1838.53 tons of tons of 74% tons, the formation of a clear contrast. Therefore, the price of gold fell below $1250 an ounce may be a strategic opportunity to buy. It is reported that every year in September and October, businesses will enter the golden nine silver ten sales peak, only the past eleven holidays, Caibai company sales exceeded two hundred million. J004 to enter [Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: