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Arts-and-Entertainment Even after trying hard and for such long hours, you fail to retrieve your important documents from your email account. You might have f.otten your password or maybe someone blocked your account. It might even fall prey to some hackers, who are using your account without your permission, off course! If you are facing any of these problems and want support help for your gmail password recovery, you know the right place to go. Call by the technicians first, and avail instant help by following some simple and easy steps. You just need to mingle your phone number or alternative email address with the site, while creating your account first. Answer some important question When you were creating your account for the first time, you might have some across two to three questions, defined as security questions. Maximum people tend to skip this stage, without even knowing the importance associated with it. If you ever f.ot gmail password, these questions can help you to get back to your lost account. When you click on f.ot password option, the site will ask you two important questions, which you have created while signing in with the account first. If you can answer the questions correctly, a password recovery message will be send to your alternative email account or phone. Importance of phone number Phone is your personal belonging, and the messages in it, can only be read by you. This is another important point to focus, when you are looking for gmail f.ot password option. Other than finding your old password, you can even reset a new one, for strong security means. You have to select the phone option manually after clicking on personal info Add the phone tab first and add your number You can even edit for the first number, if you want to Follow the given onscreen instructions and you can always get a message on cell, while recovering password Expert team to help If you ever F.ot My Gmail Password , phone and alternative email address are two of the most promising ways to get back your lost account. You also need to provide security questions, as additional help. Through these services, you can readily recover gmail password, without going through any intensive procedure. All these details, regarding your phone number and alternative email address, need to be presented while opening your account for the first time. Follow the instructions carefully and you are good to go. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: