Get A Flat Stomach – Stop Blaming Your Genes And Reclaim Your Skinny Jeans!

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Health If you are really serious about learning how you can get a flat stomach despite your ge.ics then you will need to read this article. Lots of us use amazing excuses "I am big boned" – I hate to burst your bubble but most adults’ bones are the same size. "I have a slow metabolism". – Possibly true but its not impossible to speed it up. The list of excuses goes on and on. I invented most of them and certainly used all of them. Most belly and body fat is a result of a lifestyle problem and nothing to do with your genes. If you live in the Western world, the lifestyle is very counterproductive to learning how to get a flat stomach; fast food, seated jobs, too much driving, too much television and very little exercise, if any. OK, its not all down to lifestyle. Some people are predisposed to a particular body shape but regardless of your body shape, its possible to learn to get a flat stomach and keep it, without expensive supplements, ab belts, ab rockers and home exercise equipment. Step 1 – Lower Your Body Fat The only thing spot reduction is good for is on your laundry. See your body as a whole. Lowering overall body fat is the first step. So, how do we do it? Start some resistance training Muscle weighs more than fat and needs more calories so you can actually eat more in the long run. Resistance training will also increase your metabolic rate so you could actually be burning fat while watching TV or even reading this article! Step 2 – Variety is the Spice of Life Keep changing what you do and what you eat. If you are getting bored so are your muscles. Find something that you enjoy and you are more likely to stick with it. Work out with someone else. Step 3 – Eat Yourself Thinner No, I have not lost my mind. Many of us skip breakfast. We crash and burn around 11am, reach for a muffin or donut with coffee to try and sustain us until lunch. We eat lunch on the run and dash home and have a huge evening meal before collapsing in the front of the television. Lets turn this on its head. Increase the amount you eat at breakfast. Eat something sustaining such as oatmeal, eggs or fish. Have a healthy snack at 11am, such as nuts or dried fruit and then a balanced lunch with lots of fruits and vegetables. Have another healthy snack mid afternoon before having a light meal. Eating 5 – 6 smaller meals throughout the day will help maintain your metabolic rate and will give you more energy and bring you closer to your goal of learning to get a flat stomach. This is a secret used by fitness models all over the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: