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Gansu, Wuwei: Wine beautiful green thick — Environmental Protection — Wuwei scenery in the ancient Silk Road, there is a city, it is the strategic position of the "throat" pass line in vast, controlled five county, it has a "happy song blow on staggered, and" the prosperity of business, it is "Liangzhou seven in one hundred thousand, Hu people half Pipa" prosperity "Wuwei people’s livelihood, it is a border town, cultural relics and cultural heritage from the previous post". It has "Xiliang Kabuki, kabuki Xiliang, mask Hunni fake lion" of traditional music, it is "Liangzhou wine grapes, passing to quality sword intoxicating wine, it has" Murdoch grape sweet, soft sweet son a world of ice and snow "attractive fruit. It is a border town, but it has a long history and the profound cultural heritage, commercial prosperity, products rich, people’s livelihood and prosperity, is unmatched by other cities, it is known as the "Pegasus hometown", "five cool capital", "Xixia auxiliary county", "the holy land of Buddhism", today it is the first the removal of a "Chinese Wine city" title, it took the "East Development Strategy The Belt and Road", with a new attitude at the forefront of opening up to the west development, embrace the world! It is Wuwei, an important node on the ancient Silk Road city! In recent years, Wuwei city to seize the country and Gansu to expand the opening to the west, the construction of "Silk Road Economic Belt" major strategic opportunities, give full play to regional transportation, cultural heritage, industrial advantages and Pegasus hometown? Wine city "brand, adhere to the initiative as, serving the overall situation, based on the current and long-term point. With the overall drive shaft, construction of open institutional mechanisms to promote the development of special industries, and strive to create Silk Road Economic Belt" gold node. (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: