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Nutrition Bison meat has been steadily growing in popularity and making a .eback within the last 20 years. While it was nearly driven to extinction, the American Bison was saved through nearly a century of hard work by conservationists. Specialty ranches now offer Bison in markets across the US, and in many cases, the Bison is free of growth hormone, antibiotics and steroids. It is considered an extremely natural, organic and clean meat. Healthier: Bison meat is one of the healthiest meat alternatives"" particularly red meat. It has lower fat, less cholesterol and lower calories than beef, pork, and chicken. Due to their sheer size and constitution, bison are more resistant to disease than cattle, which means that no feed that is laced with antibiotics was used. Bison are also raised on smaller ranches, free of the corporate milling that is used for .mon cattle. This means that the Bison you purchase is .pletely free of any growth hormones. Despite these differences, bison meat is very similar to beef in flavor or texture, though bison does have a richer and sweeter flavor. The slightly sweeter taste is likely due to bison having higher vitamin B12 count than beef. Preparation: Because bison meat is much leaner than any cut of beef, it can dry out much faster than beef when you are cooking it. This is especially true when grilling is used, where the heat can quickly sear away fat. Great care should be taken in preparing the bison mean. Defrost it in the refrigerator "" never defrost in the microwave. To add and lock in moisture, marinate the bison meat in an oil-based marinade that has very little acids added to it. The oil will help lock that moisture in when you grill the bison meat. Cooking: The best way to cook any meat, especially bison meat, is on the grill. Not only will the high heat quickly sear the outside locking moisture in, you also have a lot more control over how the bison meat cooks. Try to keep the temperature lower than you would when you cook beef. A good sear is necessary to lock moisture in right away, but it should not be kept in high heat. Medium heat is perfect. A good tactic is to have your grill ready on medium heat, and heat a cast iron frying pan on the stove on the highest heat it can tolerate. Quickly sear the outside of the Bison, no more than 30 seconds per side. Then immediately move it to the grill to finish cooking. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: