Finland game revenue over 20 billion last year to contribute to the local gaming industry supercell

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Finland game last year, revenue of over 20 billion Supercell for the local game industry contribution [TechWeb reports] September 29th news, can be said to "make more China" tribal conflict game player know the Supercell of the company, and the "tribal conflict: the Royal war" the success of the success of Supercell’s position in the industry, and even the domestic game makers at Tencent, and the acquisition of. To some extent, Supercell propped up half of the game industry in Finland. According to foreign media reports, according to a Sisu Game Ventures released the latest report shows that in 2015, Finland game industry revenue reached 2 billion 680 million euros ($20 billion), the "tribal conflict", "tribal conflict: the Royal war" developer Supercell revenue reached 2 billion 100 million euros, accounting for 80% of total revenue however, former Finland game props, "angry birds" developer Rovio in 2015 revenue of only one hundred million euros. The report noted that in addition to Supercell, angry birds developer Rovio, Unity Finland branch and EA’s Tracktwenty in 2015 revenue of more than 100 million euros. Including Sulake, RedLynx, Seriously, Fingersoft and Remedy, including the game last year, revenues of more than 10 million euros, and another Finland company last year, through the game to achieve more than 1 million euros in revenue. By the fall of 2016, Finland had about 280 gaming companies. The report said that in Finland, the number of employees reached 6 games or more than 100, at least there are more than 30 employees in more than 10 companies. (lime)相关的主题文章: