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Travel-and-Leisure Picking the right hotel in Barcelona can be a pain. Here you will find information about transportation and where to stay for the best theme park in Barcelona. You have many ac.modation options in Barcelona ranging from high ranking hotels to campgrounds and everything in between. The closeness of hotels in Barcelona Near Costa Brava Here is a sample plan of what you can do while visiting Barcelona. You can start by getting a transport to the hotel near the adventure park in Barcelona Port Aventura. Keep in mind that Eurocar has special discounts for rentals for anyone who is staying in Port Aventura. This lodging will not only provide with a place of relaxation and fun, butr it will also give you the option of being close to all things in the city if you are on a trip for both business and pleasure. By choosing to stay in Port Aventura you will have not only chosen to stay at a quality hotel in the city and adventure park, but in lodging that is rated very highly and personalized. The three hotels on the theme park property all have their own special designs and themes with which to attract different people. One has a Colombian theme and another of the hotels has a Mexican theme. All are Spanish in nature, but have their own twists and intricacies. There themes are all based on different cultures so as to bring in different visitors and to provide a variety of options. There are many packages and options that are available for both adults and children. The prices will vary based on the time of year as well as the number of children and adults that are staying at the hotel. Base your trip on the time as well as the price since the weather is fairly good year round in Barcelona. Other Lodging Options In Barcelona One option is the Arts Hotel which is a bit pricey, but well worth the price. This hotel has many rooms and options and all of which have a great view of the marina. This is a great location to be pampered and catered to. The Goyescas restaurant is a very tantalizing ac.paniment to your stay at this lavish hotel. The city is well known for its hotels and food. The Can Ravell and the Club del Gourmet are two places well within distance of the two hotels for exquisite food to ac.pany your stay in Barcelona. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: