Fake technology, the association of Chongqing, the Institute of myopia is really make money chompoo araya

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False false mechanism technology, association of Chongqing the treatment of myopia is really "do not make money injections, do not take medicine, not surgery, myopia, hyperopia, strabismus and amblyopia patients can treat" recently, netizens to Taiwan and Jian Yu rebellion as wide (dayujk) "health truth" rebellion, see Chongqing company named "Chongqing Bao Tong Technology Co., Ltd. official website made such a slogan, do not know true and false," health "request to help check the truth. This is not the first time the health truth received a report about the company, after verification, we found some clues. Is it true that the "Bates therapy", the most sophisticated technology for vision enhancement, is reliable? According to the introduction of Bao Tong, by the end of 2012 the introduction of the most advanced vision enhancement technology —- Bates principle of multi-functional vision correction training system, this technology is exclusive to Chongqing. As this technique can easily treat myopia, hyperopia, amblyopia and strabismus. Bates therapy really so magical? In early 2015, shell network was specifically for the "Bates therapy" invited experts to interpret. At that time, "the truth" has also been reported. This kind of myopia cure is not what the new thing, as early as one hundred years ago, ophthalmologist William · Bates (William H. Bates) wrote "glasses" perfect vision, natural therapy developed this "exercise eyes to improve eyesight. However, the theory of Bates’s treatment contradicts modern ophthalmology and optometry, and its effect is not supported by any scientific evidence. Bates put forward in the treatment at the beginning, he received many eye peer criticism, now the American optometry Association and the American Association of ophthalmology is bluntly pointed out that these "therapy" were no scientific evidence, just a placebo effect it plays. Bates’s Theory: "extraocular muscle relaxation" Bates believes that the eye by changing the shape of focus, extraocular muscle tension is the cause of refractive errors, so relax extraocular muscles can improve visual acuity. So, he created a series of eye training methods, including her eyes, eyes closed as the sun or light, eye rolling, rocking method, see a variety of color and so on. However, his theory of myopia and the operating mechanism of the human eye actually do not match. Chongqing Bao pupil of the treatment device claims to see a 3D film to help patients complete the training steps of Bates. In fact, human extraocular muscle function is responsible for the change of eyeball direction, eye focus is entirely another muscle, eyeball ciliary muscle. The reservoir behind the iris ciliary muscle, it is a ring of muscle, there are countless string body ("pull" suspensory ligament) lens equator. The ciliary muscle contraction and relaxation can change the nature of the lens, let it become or become flat, thus changing the refractive power of the lens. Bates believes that wearing glasses will make eyesight had creating "sunshine therapy" in addition to relax the extraocular muscle theory, Bates still stubbornly believe that long-term wear glasses can make eyesight drops, even as it often in the consulting room patients smashed glasses. Today, there are still a lot of people think that wearing glasses will make myopia worse. In fact, there is no evidence to support this claim. On the contrary, the.相关的主题文章: