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The face of love long acne expert: don’t blame pepper sugar and salt more easily Zhangdou recently, some hospitals in Jiangcheng to a lot of Department of Dermatology long face acne patients, and even some eight or nine year old pupils have acne, many people suspect that is not their own National Day during eating spicy food too much, or seafood by. Yesterday, the Wuhan food and drug administration experts pointed out that, in fact, this is a big misunderstanding, causing the culprit of the pox and other things. Wuhan’s food and drug administration experts say scientists have found that smallpox is linked to drinking milk, high sugar, excessive salt and margarine. High sugar foods cause insulin levels in the blood to rise, resulting in hyperkeratosis of the epidermis and increased sebum secretion, milk will indirectly promote the development of inflammation and sebum secretion. In addition, eating too salty may also lead to acne, there is no clear why high salt food will lead to acne, experts speculated that may be salty, easy to edema, hair follicle funnel edema will also press the hair follicle wall, causing sebaceous gland opening obstruction. Since there is no pepper caused by pox characteristics, so why do people often eat spicy or grow in the Hot pot of Sichuan pox? Expert analysis, harm is not chili, but to eat spicy and drink high sugar drinks. In addition, the high salt and oil is also easy to cause the pox. Experts also said that eating ordinary chocolate will not be long acne, only high sugar chocolate will, and seafood will only make some people allergic, nor will lead to human pox.

脸上爱长痘痘别怪辣椒 专家:高糖高盐更易长痘最近,江城一些医院皮肤科来了不少脸上长痘痘的患者,甚至一些八九岁的小学生都长痘痘了,不少人怀疑,是不是自己国庆节期间吃了太多的辛辣食物,或者海鲜引起的。昨日,武汉市食药监局有关专家指出,其实这是天大的误会,致痘的元凶另有它物。武汉市食药监专家说,科学家们研究发现,长痘与饮用牛奶、摄入高糖、过量盐和人造黄油有关。高糖食物会引起血液中的胰岛素含量上升,引起表皮的过度角化和皮脂分泌增多,牛奶会间接促进炎症的发展和皮脂分泌。此外,吃得过咸也可能会长痘痘,目前还没有明确为何高盐食物会导致痤疮,专家推测可能是吃咸了容易水肿,毛囊漏斗部的水肿又会压迫毛囊壁,引起皮脂腺开口堵塞。既然辣椒没有致痘的特性,那么为什么人们经常在吃了火锅或者辣辣的川菜后会长痘呢?专家分析,害人的不是辣椒,而是为吃辣而喝的高糖饮料。另外,火锅的高盐分和油水也是容易长痘的原因。专家也表示,吃普通巧克力一般也不会长痘痘,只有高糖巧克力才会,而海鲜只会让一些人过敏,也不会导致人长痘。相关的主题文章: