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Business Roberts Rules of Order written in the earlier part of the 20th century uses the formal language of the times to list out the code of conduct at a parliamentary meeting. As a result despite the fact that it is such a treasure house of information, it is lost to the wide majority of people. Brig Gen Roberts discovered that there were no rules to govern the code of conduct at a parliamentary meeting or any meeting for that matter. Different people had different opinions leading to a lot of dissention and unproductive meetings. Brig Gen. Roberts was of the opinion that meetings should be conducted with decorum giving adequate weightage to the opinions of the minority. The end product of a meeting should be a decision which is the consensus of all who attended it. Thus was born the book Roberts Rules of Order. Scope of Roberts Rules Roberts Rules covers the entire gamut of situations and the behavior of the members in each situation. Roberts Rules can be utilized in conducting any meetings, be it in the Senate, a business meeting, or even a residents welfare meeting. The advantage of following Roberts Rules is that you end up making decisions that are constructive and for the good of society. There have been additions made to Roberts rules to suit current day situations too. Rules Made Simple Roberts rule made easy attempts to make simple and available to every person Roberts rules with a modern interpretation. The agenda is predetermined and any attempt to digress is nipped in the bud. Nobody is allowed to hijack the meeting and every attempt is made to keep to the point and avoid long winded discussions. The cheat sheet ensures that all the points decided upon is discussed within the appropriate time limit. Roberts Rule is effective only as long as it is followed by every member of the group. That is why it is necessary to popularize Roberts Rules made easy. Be a Part Of A Productive Meeting Meetings are a part of life. Whether you are a student, a professional, a stay-at-home mom, or even a retired senior citizen, meetings are something you cannot avoid. We often want to skip attending a meeting because we know they will be long drawn out and boring. Very often it is a waste of time since no decisions are made and it often degenerates into a free for all. However if you and the members of your .mittee have had access to Robert’s Rules of Order , disorderly meetings will be a thing of the past. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: