Double the upsurge of national hi tech Zone continued emergence of new registered enterprises over 1 autobots

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Double the upsurge of national hi tech Zone continued to emerge over 19 – million new registered enterprises in new network [Tianjin newspaper] torch center director Zhang Zhihong said here on the day before, the National High-tech Zone Management upsurge in China continued to emerge, only in 2015 on more than 19 million new registered enterprises, innovation and Entrepreneurship has become the value orientation of the national hi tech Zone and the way of life. Zhang Zhihong in the Tianjin national innovation demonstration zone construction achievements and the cultivation plan of conference of Tianjin high tech Zone "unicorn" enterprise said, after 20 years of development, as of now, the number of national high-tech zones reached 146, has become an important engine of China’s innovation and development, transformation and upgrading. Zhang Zhihong pointed out that in promoting the double boom, the National High-tech Zone of economic activity is increasing, "new products, new technology, new formats, new business model" has become the main group, a large number of new economic growth point, growth pole, growth is accelerating the formation of. In terms of entrepreneurial carrier, the national hi tech Zone has gathered 1031 science and technology business incubators, 52 National University Science and Technology Park, the Ministry of science and technology for the record of the public space of 80%, to build a complete business incubator chain. In the entrepreneurial model, the formation of the national hi tech Zone angel investment + partner + equity congregation raise mode is becoming an important business model in china. In the venture capital, the national hi tech Zone is a large number of venture capital investment institutions, the construction of a large number of investment and financing service platform, China has become the most active areas of angel investment, venture capital. Zhang Zhihong said that for 2020, the national high-tech zone should vigorously develop the market, specialization, integration and network of the public record space, especially the professional public record space, build innovation cluster, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial carrier rich professional service, innovation resources open innovation ecosystem.相关的主题文章: