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Double 11 recommended – the famous brand of the traffic recorder evaluation   with the frequent accidents in recent years, the driver of the traffic safety is also more and more attention, and gradually began to pay attention to the traffic recorder. Just a few years ago, the recorder was born, a variety of copycat, imitation, OEM and other products appear on the market, with the development of a few born slowly leading brands, such as dogs, Careland, Papa, Jie Du Ling and so on. However, due to the extreme transparency of the industry, the recorder is also constantly upgrading, photographic pixels are getting higher and higher, the function is also more and more complete, these old brands have gradually been replaced by some new brands. 2016 is the birth of a lot of new brand tachograph, while the double 11 upcoming period, small selection of different brands, in the electronic business platform 360 two generation tachograph, 800 R8 recorder, a high degree of small ant tachograph, LETV 1s tachograph, HP F520g tachograph, five products are comprehensive comparison from the core configuration, function and data etc.. We first briefly introduced the current market mainstream configuration parameters of the recorder. A main control chip, the working principle of the driving recorder all are the same, the light through the optical lens on the image sensor by the optical signal into electric charge, and then through the analog-to-digital converter chip is converted into digital signal, digital signal after the compression, preserved by internal memory recorder. The amount of image data produced in the process of the work of the recorder is very large. In addition to the compression of the data, the main responsibility of the chip is also responsible for correcting the image beautification, making the picture becomes clearer. At present, the mainstream of the market, the main control manufacturers have an PA (Ambarella), AIT (Novatek), etc.. Among them, an important experience in the field of video processing, is the industry recognized the most high-end solutions (Gopro that is used by the PA program), the current mainstream high-end models on the market are mostly equipped with PA A7 chip. Taiwan couplet chip advantage is better clarity, higher cost, the mainstream high-end models for 96655. Two, photosensitive element is the light through the lens to capture and convert the core components of electronic signals, the current industry by OV, Aptina (Mei Guang) two manufacturers control. Different manufacturers, different types of products are different, such as in the pixel resolution of 1 million 300 thousand pixels, OV9712 9715, OV2643 26592710, OV4689 is 2 million pixels to 4 million pixels; AR2010 0230 0230cs 2 million AR0330 0331 pixels, 3 million pixels, 5 million pixels AR5100. In the traffic recorder market, the common combination of photosensitive chip for AR0330 pixels with the couplet with 96650, OV4689 is basically the use of PA A7 chip, the basic industry is the highest match. Three, the camera lens is one of the important factors affecting the amount of light, composed of a plurality of lenses, influence.相关的主题文章: