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Home-and-Family Toys color should be bright As is known to all, little babies consciousness is not as mature and thorough as the adults, under such circumstance, only the most colorful and the most prominent color can attract their interests and attention. For example, the only red flower among the green leaves would be more likely to attract them than the white flower among the grey leaves. Therefore the color of toys bought for children should be bright and highlighted to attract their attention at the beginning. Toys shape should be lifelike Many parents always give children the toys and ask them to play, however, I am sure not every parents know the true purpose of toys playing. In fact, from the toys playing process, children can indirectly know the nature and the society so as to develop their thinking ability. If the toys shape have the big different with the real things in daily life, children would know the wrong knowledge and concepts. Good toys should have the simulative sound In too many developed countries, toys design department pay more attention on the toys sound function. During the toys manufacturing process, manufacturer always use the advanced technology to install the sound device on toys, which would lead to the good results. Kids toys should be safe to play In fact, some kids toys in the shopping center are dangerous for children playing. For example, there are shape edges and corners on the toys which would hurt childrens skin. The main reason of such situation is the insufficient toys safety knowledge. Therefore, parent should pay more attention on the safe factor when buying toys for children. Kids toys should be durable Based on the childrens characteristic, toys for children should be durable because they dont know how to protect the toys, whats more, they often beat and throw toys away heavily, which would make toys break into pieces. As children, they are more likely to swallow the small pieces of toys, which are so dangerous for children. Kids toys should not be too heavy Generally speaking, .mon kids toys are made from the light raw materials such as plastic, alloy, thin iron sheet, cloth and so on. Such light kids toys are convenient for children to play, whats more, it is safe to play with them. Because of the weak strength, little children are not able to carry the too much heavy toys so that kids toys should not be too heavy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: