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Home-and-Family Many hobbyists find it a breeze to build DIY solar panels. But this is not true for everyone who aspires to build one. They find it difficult to build things from scratch and often stumble over obstacles in the midst of their project. I have made some observations and found many reasons why this is so. The major factor that contributes to this is they lack basic DIY skills. Attempting to build photovoltaic panels without simple DIY skills is like trying to row a boat across a stream without oars…or toddler trying to cycle without developing a sense of balance. It will be difficult initially. There are 3 essential skills necessary to build your own DIY solar panels. They are (1) handling of tools, (2) soldering & (3) a practical knowledge of electrical circuits. Knowing how to handle materials is important. Solar panels are built using wood or metal, and you need to be able to shape these materials into the design you want. This implies you need to know how to handle simple tools like drills, files and saws. Then you can cut the material or bend them. You’ll also need to finish (polish) the surface and edges so the burrs and jagged edges can be removed. Inside solar panels are row after rows of electrical connections that have to be made by soldering. Therefore you also need to learn how to use a soldering iron to bond metallic joints. Dry and cracked solder joints increase circuit resistance and lowers the overall power output from your photovoltaic generator. Fortunately this is a skill that can be acquired easily – often within 15 minutes or less. Having a good working knowledge of how electronics work can be helpful. You do not necesssarily need to design your solar panel from scratch, but you will need to know how to implement the circuit design recorded on paper. It will also be useful to know some elementary electronics formula so you can size your solar panel system. Again, this knowledge is easily acquired if you take some time to read up. Basic formulae that are needed for building electronic circuits can be easily found on the Internet or in your local library. Moreover there are also many books on homemade solar panels in bookstores that can help you with these basics. Equiped with the above DIY skills, you can be assured that building DIY solar panels can become a rewarding hobby. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: