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Focus on maternal mental health, how to avoid maternal postpartum depression – Sohu experienced ten months of pregnancy and childbirth hard is not easy, with a loud loud and clear in the baby crying, mothers mothers joy at the same time, may also be with the baby’s birth, is a time of emotional instability. For example: the sad, lonely, depressed rather baffling, crying, poor mood, some mothers are even more intense, such as suicidal tendencies, hurt the baby. This kind of depressive behavior, not only to the maternal physical and psychological disadvantage, cause the connection between mother and baby obstacles, but also affect the happiness of the family. So how to avoid the occurrence of postpartum depression? First of all, we must first understand the factors of postpartum depression are: physiological factors: in the course of pregnancy, the rapid changes in hormone levels in the body is one of the causes of postpartum depression. The study found that in placental steroid release reached the highest value, maternal emotions happy; placental steroid secretion decreased suddenly when the maternal manifestations of depression after childbirth. Physical factors: after the birth of the baby, take care of the baby during the day often had a genius found themselves do not wash, and at night, due to factors such as feeding, the baby crying, sleep has become reduced to fragments. Psychological factors: new mothers after production, most need to give up self, life will all transferred to the baby’s eating and sleeping, away from colleagues and friends, can not go out, life is monotonous, and most people lose a common topic, it is difficult to adapt to the psychological. Family factors: family members are not able to give a good maternal care, more concerned about the gender of the baby, or focus on all of the focus on the baby and ignore the maternal situation. Actively carry out self adjustment, the prevention of postpartum depression: we cherish every opportunity to sleep, when the baby is asleep, women have to seize the time to close, rather than take the time to do the washing up. The rest in a modest increase in movement, with a happy mood to do housework and the amount of exercise, to divert attention, improve the quality of the body. The maternal diet should be light and rich in nutrition, weight control, excessive weight gain will make maternal anxiety. The early learning parenting knowledge, during pregnancy to participate in parenting knowledge lectures, read some parenting books, a variety of unexpected situations on the baby’s ready. We create a comfortable environment for the postpartum recovery, confinement room should be well ventilated, sunny, quiet and comfortable. We create a good family atmosphere, mothers should establish good communication with family and friends, actively seek help from family. In particular, the new father to give more maternal care and care, reduce maternal mental burden. Postpartum depression is not terrible, everyone is the best cure is their own, most of the cases can be self – healing under positive self-regulation. Mild depression can be a simple psychological counseling, moderate and severe depression can take safe and effective drug treatment, and psychological counseling to achieve the purpose of treatment.相关的主题文章: