Computer Not Recognizing Printer-how To Fix Computer Not Recognizing Printer

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Hardware Many of you may encounter this common problem that your computer can’t recognize your printer. When you connect it to the USB port on your computer, you may get an error message saying "USB Device Not Recognized". Once it occurs, the printer doesn’t connect to the computer. In this article, I will tell you how to fix this issue that your computer can’t recognize the printer and make printer work properly. Firstly, try to use a simple way that many people often use. Unplug the printer from your computer, shut down your computer and remove it from power supply for several minutes. And then, attach the printer to the computer again. This traditional way aims at letting the motherboard get rebooted and clean up all of its caches. This simple way makes the motherboard reload drivers and the USB ports turn back to recognize your printer. Secondly, plug your printer into the computer and see if it can be recognized by your computer. If not, try on another computer. If it works on another computer, this suggests that there may be some bugs in your Windows system. Sometimes, the errors of your Windows system may lead to the system can’t detect the devices that are connected to it. For this, you should repair the bugs of your Windows system or get System Restore. Thirdly, if none of above works, the issue could be with wrong installation of your printer driver or outdated or corrupted printer driver in your computer. The driver is the software connecting the hardware and the Windows system. If it’s installed improperly or it’s outdated or damaged, the Windows system can’t detect and recognize the printer attached to it. To resolve these problems, you must download and install the latest printer driver to replace the outdated or damaged one. On the basis of my long-term research, the most common reason of computer not recognizing printer issue is due to the errors of printer driver. There are 3 options to fix the errors of your printer driver. After uninstalling the old one, you can download it from your device manufacturer’s website and install it, or reinstall it with an installation disk. However, the best way is to use driver update software, which can automatically download and install the latest driver for your printer in a few minutes. I hope my suggestions will help you successfully fix your computer not recognizing printer problems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: