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Types Of Climbing Walls By: Kris | Dec 5th 2007 – A climbing wall is nothing but a man-made simulated wall along with clenches or grips that help the climber to scale the structure. These grips can make the climb either difficult or relatively simple according to the climber’s choice. Tags: Rock Climbing Basics By: Kris | Nov 2nd 2007 – More and more people are getting enthusiastic about rock climbing and the sport is now gaining popularity and attracting thousands of sports enthusiasts. Rock climbing is categorized and each type has different features and methods. Tags: Indoor Rock Climbing For The Less Adventurous By: Kris | Nov 2nd 2007 – Those who love to climb rocks, but are scared for their life attempt indoor rock climbing. Indoor rock climbing has be.e very popular and those who are offering such courses are making huge profits. Tags: What Are The Different Types Of Rock Climbing By: Kris | Oct 30th 2007 – Rock climbing is the act of climbing vertical rock structures. You can sort out rock climbing into two wide groups namely free climbing and aid climbing. Tags: The Importance Of Footwork In Rock Climbing By: Kris | Oct 30th 2007 – You need to adopt proper climbing techniques to climb well. Footwork is one of the most important techniques involved in rock climbing. If you know this technique well, you have practically won half the battle. Tags: Safety Precautions For Rock Climbing By: Kris | Oct 30th 2007 – If you are not an outdoors person, then rock climbing might appear to be a hazardous and wild activity. The sport has improved a lot within the last few years, making it more secure and simpler to learn than it used to be previously. Tags: The Essential Rock Climbing Gear By: Kris | Oct 30th 2007 – What catches your attention when you take a look at a photograph of a rock climber or when you visit a neighborhood fitness center are the shoes. Shoes happen to be one of the most essential gears in rock climbing. Tags: Rock Climbing Tips For The Beginner By: Kris | Oct 30th 2007 – As a beginner you need to understand the basic techniques of rock climbing. The usual understanding about rock climbing is that you need lot of strength to start with, but this is not so. Tags: Rock Climbing Basics & Background Information By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – Rock climbing, a popular hobby in England and Germany, became established as a sport in the end of the nineteenth century. The sport has gained critical acclaim and admiration from the media, especially for the dare-devilry stunts and guts, it involves. Tags: Rock Climbing And Environmental Issues By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – Environmental groups and rock climbers are always at loggerheads because of the impact of rock climbing on the environment. There have been numerous instances, wherein rock climbers are accused of venturing into secured natural territories, and mistreated the organisms and rocks that are there. Tags: The 3 Elements Of Climbing- Physical, Technical, Mental By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – The three most important elements of rock climbing that the amateurs are taught and the ones that the pros religiously follow are the physical aspect, the technical aspect and the mental aspect. Tags: Rock Climbing Safety And Guidelines By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – A hobby is a favorite leisure pursuit one wishes to venture over and over again. May be it is for the thrill or the adventure; hobbies like rock climbing are followed by many. Tags: Styles Of Rock Climbing By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – Rock Climbing can be conducted using a variety of different variations and styles. Among the most popular styles, enthusiasts and athletes use traditional Rock Climbing and Sport Climbing. Tags: The Basics Of Free Solo Climbing By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – Free Soloing or simply Free Solo Climbing is the purest form of climbing, though it carries a great amount of risk. The climber or free soloist, basically climbs alone, that is without a harness, safety belts, ropes or gear that would protect him/her from a fall. Tags: Great Rock Climbing Destinations By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – For avid rock climbers, finding a decent climb is the most important outlook in the sport. Some of the most beautiful and scenic rock climbing destinations is not too far away from the city, which allows a greater participation from amateurs and professionals. Tags: Essentials To Avoid Rock Climbing Accidents By: Kris | Oct 11th 2007 – Mountain climbing isn’t meant for every other person, especially when you are dealing with the most dangerous and highest mountains. If you are a mountain climber, professional or amateur, you ought to have a certain level of fitness and athletic ability. Tags: Skills And Technique Of Rock Climbing By: Kris | Oct 9th 2007 – A popular sport, rock climbing requires its athlete to scale precipices and angular rock faces. Often pursued as a hobby, rock climbing includes the usage of specialized equipment and a variety of techniques. Tags: How To Get Started With Indoor Rock Climbing By: Kris | Sep 4th 2007 – Indoor rock climbing is the only sport that requires co-ordination between all five senses. The sport demands strength and endurance much more that any other physical sport. Tags: The Physical And Mental Benefits Of Rock Climbing By: Kris | Sep 3rd 2007 – Rock climbing is seen as the most challenging adventure sport these days. More and more people are getting attracted towards this sport. The reason for this is because it allows people to challenge themselves, get some exercise and do this with the benefits of enjoying fresh and clean mountain air. Tags: Different Types Of Climbing Walls And Their Job Prospects By: Kris | Sep 3rd 2007 – After rock-climbing became popular as a sport in Europe and the United states, the manufacture and design of rock-climbing walls has evolved to a large extent. Tags: Building A Home Climbing Wall By: Kris | Sep 3rd 2007 – A rock-climbing wall is the best solution to your regular gym woes, as it considered exercise for the whole-body. Tags: Rock Climbing Equipment And Techniques By: Kris | Sep 3rd 2007 – Free climbing as a sport has be.e extremely popular with over hundreds of people following the sport in the United States alone. Free climbing, also known as Rock climbing involves climbing up rocks by making use of particular equipment for safety. Tags: Things To Bring On A Climbing Trip By: Kris | Jun 18th 2007 – Rock climbing is an extreme sport that people do indoors and outdoors. On a basic climb the only things that would be required is a good pair of shoes, a fit body and a sound mind. Tags: Rock Climbing – What You Need To Get Started By: Kris | Jun 18th 2007 – Getting started on rock climbing might be a .plicated task, with a list of the things that have to be used. It is easy to learn just to enjoy this adventurous sport. Tags: Types And Formats Of Rock Climbing .petitions By: Kris | Jun 18th 2007 – The different types of climbing .petitions are: speed climbing red point, bouldering, and on-sight. Tags: Rock Climbing Health Benefits By: Kris | Jun 17th 2007 – Rock climbing is seen as a mainstream sport and the number of people taking up this adventurous sport is on the rise every year. This is because it allows the exploration of inaccessible cliffs, rocks and encourages you to move higher when climbing the face of the rock. Tags: .mon Climbing Maladies & How To Prevent Them By: Kris | Jun 17th 2007 – If you pursue climbing as a hobby, then you would need to weigh its pros and cons. Unlike any other hobby, climbing demands extreme endurance, which may not .e easy for many. Tags: Rock Climbing Styles By: Kris | Jun 17th 2007 – Rock climbing can be divided into two main types i.e. indoor and outdoor rock climbing. There are a variety of styles of rock climbing. Tags: The Mental And Physical Aspects Of Rock Climbing By: Kris | Jun 17th 2007 – Rock climbing is a physically challenging sport. It is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. Tags: Rock Climbing – The Sport By: Arturo R | Apr 17th 2007 – To participate in the sport of rock climbing, you don’t have to be a super athlete. It is more a sport of grace and balance rather than one of strength. What is the allure of rock climbing anyway? You will usually .e away from an encounter with ripped hands and various scabby body parts and there will be times where yo … Tags: Climbing Mount Kenya As A Romantic Getaway By: jackie | Apr 13th 2007 – Visitors wishing to Climbing Mount Kenya can use one of these routes each of which has its own features and characteristics. Tags: The History Of Rock Climbing By: Kris | Apr 9th 2007 – Rock climbing is an exceptional sport because when you are hanging off the face of a cliff, there really is not any other way to define it. Tags: Basic Rock Climbing Terminology By: Kris | Apr 9th 2007 – Well if you are new to rock climbing, you need to access a lot of information on rock climbing, including the equipment required. Tags: Rock Climbing Techniques By: Kris | Apr 9th 2007 – Rock climbing usually indicates climbing steep rock formations. A climber may or may not choose to use gear and safety equipment used in rock climbing. Tags: Strength Training For Rock Climbing By: Kris | Apr 8th 2007 – Rock climbing is one of the most exhilarating outdoor sports one can opt for. You can rock climb on a real rocky mountain or on an artificial rock wall, indoors. Tags: Rock Climbing Gear By: Kris | Apr 8th 2007 – Broadly speaking, rock climbing is an act of ascending rock formations that are steep. Normally, gear and safety equipment especially designed for the climbers use this purpose. Tags: Rock Climbing As A Strength And Cardio Workout By: Kris | Apr 8th 2007 – Most of those who love sports fancy rock-climbing. It proves to be one of the best ways to workout and helps to improve both, physical and mental strength. Tags: Planning A Rock Climbing Trip By: Kris | Apr 8th 2007 – Rock climbing is an act that requires a lot of mental control and endurance for coping with dangerous and tough physical challenges. Tags: Learning To Get A Grip On Rock Climbing Shoes By: Kris | Apr 8th 2007 – A type of footwear specially designed and used for climbing rocks and cliffs are known as climbing shoes. These are also known as kletterschuh. Tags: Wall Climbing Holds By: Dev | Apr 1st 2007 – wall climbing is fun mixed with adventure which attracts both professionals and amateurs. For more information on wall climbing and for renting a climbing wall visit Tags: Rock Climbing: Are You Up For It? By: John Taylor | Sep 16th 2006 – Rock climbing is definitely a sport that isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the few sports where a bad performance could possibly mean death to the participant. So why do it? Tags: Rock Climbing Gear By: John Furnem | Aug 29th 2006 – There are a number of different outdoor sports that people enjoy. For those who enjoy adventure, Rock climbing offers the most challenging experience of all outdoor activities. An experienced rock climber knows how important it is to have good quality rock climbing gear. A serious rock climber will always hav … Tags: About Rock Climbing By: John Furnem | Aug 7th 2006 – Ready to take on Rock Climbing? It is one of the fastest growing sports around, indoor as well as outdoors a lot of people are now joining what seems to be the new way to work out, and to strengthen yourself both physically and mentally. Rock climbing is no longer reserved to the professionals, even thought they are very mu … Tags: Rock Climbing: Start Local And Go Global By: Gray Rollins | Mar 11th 2006 – Many people are drawn to the sport of rock climbing because it allows them the opportunity to see the world from a unique vantage point. If you are a fitness buff who loves to travel, rock climbing can help you indulge your passion for exploration while you push yourself to reach your athletic goals. People … Tags: Introduction To Rock Climbing By: Jack Smith | Feb 16th 2006 – If you have ever been rock climbing before then you will know that it is not a very easy sport, in fact you probably felt quite defeated when you first tried to do any serious climbing. Tags: 相关的主题文章: