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China is in favor of maintaining telephone Xi Aotong Security Council resolutions and the nuclear non-proliferation system data figure: Xi Jinping and Obama’s fourth nuclear test in North Korea, before launching a satellite, Chinese President Xi Jinping launched an intensive telephone diplomacy. Yesterday, in addition to talk with South Korean President Park Geun hye, Xi Jinping also talked with President Obama calls, China is in favor of maintaining the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and the international non-proliferation system, is willing to work with relevant parties including the United States to maintain communication and coordination. According to Xinhua news agency in February 5th, President Xi Jinping 5 conversation with U.S. President Obama call, the two leaders exchanged New Year greetings and blessings. Xi Jinping pointed out that in the past year, China and the United States have made important progress under the joint efforts of both sides. Under the current situation, there are many things that China and the United States need to cooperate and cooperate with. China is willing to work with the United States to continue to deepen pragmatic cooperation in various fields, strengthen communication and coordination on international, regional and global issues, and promote the sustained, healthy and stable development of Sino US relations. Obama said he was pleased to speak with President Xi Jinping on the eve of the Chinese Lunar New Year, and hoped that new progress will be made in the Sino US relations. The two sides will continue to work together to deepen cooperation and jointly promote peace, security and prosperity of the two countries and the international community. The United States is deeply concerned about the DPRK’s nuclear test once again and announced that it will launch. We hope that the international community will strengthen coordination and promote the UN Security Council to take effective measures to cope with the situation. The United States wishes to strengthen cooperation with China on this issue. Xi Jinping stressed that the current situation in the peninsula is complex and sensitive. China adheres to the goal of denuclearization of the peninsula and advocates to resolve the problem through dialogue and consultation, and to maintain peace and stability of the peninsula, which is in line with the fundamental interests of all parties. China is in favor of safeguarding the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council and the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, and is willing to maintain communication and coordination with the relevant parties, including the United states. According to a statement issued by the White House, the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment to achieve a comprehensive and verifiable denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and said they would not accept North Korea as a nuclear country. The White House also said that the leaders of the two countries agreed that the DPRK planned ballistic missile test violates the UN Security Council resolutions, and is a provocation that leads to regional instability. The White House says the two leaders are still talking about the importance of a firm and united international response to North Korea’s provocative actions, including an effective UN Security Council resolution.

习奥通电话 中方赞成维护安理会决议和核不扩散体系 资料图:习近平与奥巴马   在朝鲜进行第四次核试验后,发射卫星前,中国国家主席习近平展开了密集的电话外交。昨天,除了与韩国总统朴槿惠通话,习近平还应约与美国总统奥巴马通话,中方赞成维护联合国安理会有关决议和国际核不扩散体系,愿同包括美方在内的有关各方就此保持沟通和协调。   据新华社报答,2月5日,国家主席习近平5日应约同美国总统奥巴马通话,两国领导人互致新春问候和祝福。   习近平指出,过去一年,在双方共同努力下,中美关系取得重要进展。当前形势下,中美两国需要合作、能够合作的事情很多。中方愿同美方一道,继续深化各领域务实合作,加强在国际、地区、全球性问题上的沟通和协调,推动中美关系持续健康稳定发展。   奥巴马表示,很高兴在中国农历新年即将来临之际同习近平主席通话,希望美中关系取得新的进展,双方继续携手努力,深化合作,共同促进两国和国际社会和平、安全、繁荣。美方对朝鲜再次进行核试验并宣布将进行发射活动有严重关切,希望国际社会加强协调,推动联合国安理会采取措施,有效应对这一局面。美方愿就此加强同中方合作。   习近平强调,当前,半岛形势复杂敏感。中方坚持半岛无核化目标,主张致力于通过对话协商解决问题,维护半岛和平稳定,这符合各方根本利益。中方赞成维护联合国安理会有关决议和国际核不扩散体系,愿同包括美方在内的有关各方就此保持沟通和协调。   另据白宫发布的声明,两位领导人重申将致力于实现朝鲜半岛全面的、可证实的无核化,并表示不会接受朝鲜成为核国家。   白宫还说,两国领导人一致认为,朝鲜计划中的弹道导弹试验违反联合国安理会决议,是导致地区不稳定的挑衅行为。   白宫说,两位领导人还在通话中强调了国际社会坚定、团结一致应对朝鲜挑衅行为的重要性,应对措施包括一项有效的联合国安理会决议。相关的主题文章: