China cultural products have to register a new network of ASEAN countries with real performances, TV zznba

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China cultural products have logged ASEAN countries with real performances, TV series – Beijing Beijing in August 30 Nanning Xinhua (reporter Jiang Xuelin) the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of culture 30 days to provide information indicating that the "impression? Liu Sanjie" companion will be landing in Vietnam and Kampuchea. According to the information provided by the Guangxi Department of culture, China landscape performance founder of Mei shuaiyuan subsidiary landscape cultural festival Industry Co. Ltd., has been recently performed with the Vietnamese culture management company signed in Da Nang, Ha Long Bay, Hanoi, Vietnam, five city of Dao Phu Quoc will the performance of real cooperation agreement. The first project of Sino Vietnamese cooperation between the two sides of the "Princess" Xuan for Jane, real venue in Da Nang City, and were accounted for the story since the Vietnam Zhaoxuan princess married Jane Chen, is expected to debut in July 2017. The large-scale landscape performance "impression? Liu Sanjie" came out in 2004, the producer for Mei shuaiyuan, directed by Zhang Yimou Chinese famous director. Since then, a number of similar to the "impression Liu Sanjie" projects springing up everywhere in china. In the past ten years, "Liu Sanjie" is still in Guangxi? Yangshuo landscape theater, and Mei shuaiyuan will look to invest in ASEAN, to seek China live performance of "going out". In the "impression? Liu Sanjie" after large-scale cultural tourism performances in "Angkor smile" in 2010 began to hot Kampuchea. "Angkor smile" creative team from Yunnan province Chinese, director Tao Chun is the deputy director of the Beijing Olympic Games closing ceremony. Yunnan investment group. "Angkor smile" project investment of $5 million, is "Chinese brain" and the cultural tourism resources of Kampuchea with a blooming flower culture, is a successful attempt Chinese cultural enterprises to asean. In addition to stage performances, Chinese production of the TV series have also logged in ASEAN countries. Last May, broadcast by the Guangxi people’s Broadcasting Station dubbed the Cambodian language version of the TV series of "Three Kingdoms" in Kampuchea’s state television prime time. In Kampuchea national television quiz quiz activities, just a month to receive nearly twenty thousand messages. Guangxi television dubbing the Chinese TV drama "Beijing youth" at the end of last year, Thailand also successfully logged, and hit ninth in Thailand public television, the show has become the first mainstream television broadcast in Thailand TV China modern city. In addition to the border provinces, China’s inland provinces of cultural enterprises in the fight for the ASEAN market. From the beginning of 2011, Anhui publishing group and Singapore union Book cooperation, implementation of the books copyright trade magazine 123, copyright output 28, involving medical, literature and art, calligraphy and painting, folklore culture, the "China dream" "China series" spirit "academic writers on China culture", "black big Bao" and other books by readers in singapore. In 2015, Anhui publishing group, a publishing house and union Book officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the union book stores, sales network, distribution of all kinds of libraries and media propaganda advantage, the Anhui publishing group of books, popular journals introduce new plus)相关的主题文章: