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A hotel Changchun smoke hotel that did not fire and obstruct the interview – Sohu news new culture news October 22nd morning, netizens released micro-blog, Changchun free road and Yatai street intersection of the Ramada Hotel, the negative layer of fire, more than 6 in the morning radio to inform the evacuation, many guests are still asleep. Micro-blog is also equipped with two pictures below, you can see a number of fire engines parked in front of the hotel. Customer: the first floor of smoke billowing in the morning of October 22nd, the new culture reporter linked to the time to live in the hotel ms.. She said that when things happen, he is in the Ramada Hotel room 8 floor rest. I set the alarm clock is 6:20, when it rang, I heard the announcement of the evacuation of the radio, then did not hear other voices, so no matter." Ms. Lee and the rest 20 minutes to hear other people pass corridor voice, she quickly pick up good stuff with friends to go downstairs, "6:40, we ran downstairs and saw a building filled with smoke, A, block B on the escalator is black smoke stains." Ms. Lee and friends went to the building after the discovery, a lot of guests standing outside, the door has come to several fire engines. While she was talking, she heard someone say the cause of the fire. "It’s a fire from a kitchen on the ground floor. When cooking, the oil and Mars collapse to the exhaust flue. I don’t know how big the fire is, I know it’s a lot." Ms. Lee said that after the incident, she and her friends packed things and so on, the hotel side also did not say anything, they went out of the house, there is no explanation, no compensation, we go." Ms. Lee to leave more than 7, the fire has left. Manager: is the machine failure at 9:40 on October 22nd or so, the new culture reporter rushed to Ramada Hotel. In the hotel lobby, still can smell the pungent smell of smoke, a number of staff are dealing with the walls and roof top smoked black marks. A woman claiming to be a manager received a reporter. She said that the hotel did not happen anything, but a negative kitchen machine failure, smoke. "The customer heard the alarm, it was smoke triggered the fire alarm, the smoke on the matter, so the fire came." She said that the hotel has been blocked kitchen, the machine sent to repair, no one can enter the kitchen. "We have nothing to do with the hotel, the customers are evacuated, no danger." Then the manager said, the hotel staff are busy dealing with the aftermath, nothing more can be disclosed, so that reporters leave as soon as possible. Staff reporter shoving the woman left, the reporter wanted to interview the new culture of other customers, a man who was then stopped. "There’s nothing wrong with us, you go, we don’t need an interview." The man kept repeating, and find another man dressed in a blue coat with reporters several times asked to leave. "The hotel’s customers have to check out? Is there no danger?" Reporter asked. "No, no, we checked out. We’re all evacuated. There’s no danger.相关的主题文章: