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Central bank shot! 4 days later you will have a significant change in your bank account, everyone has multiple bank accounts, regardless of the amount of money, they are the same level of risk. But from the beginning of next month, everything is different! Regulations of the people’s Bank of Japan: since December 1st, open a personal account in the bank, each in the same bank, can only open a class, if you already have a class I households, account is only class II and III account. What’s the matter? It’s about money bags. Look at it! What is I class, class II, class III accounts? Simply, I account is fully functional account, common debit card, passbook accounts belong to the class; class II and III account is a virtual electronic account, two kinds of function is decreasing step by step in the creation of the class I account on the basis of capital account risk is gradually decreasing. The main differences are as follows: class I account is the wife’s account, with full functionality, how to turn on how to turn! Class II account is the husband’s account, can only be transferred to the wife’s account, although not foreign transfers, but money and empty the cart for his wife can still be! Class III account is the child’s account, can only be used for small and small consumption, the balance is not more than 1 thousand yuan. Why do you want an account? China is one of the number of households, ninety percent off households are very common phenomenon, some banks also issued a number of cards as a performance evaluation indicators. At the same time, individuals pay and pay medical insurance, social insurance, pension, provident fund and other public utilities, often open a number of bank accounts, resulting in a large number of unused accounts of individuals. As of the end of 2016 6, China’s personal bank settlement accounts 7 billion 786 million, per capita of 5.69 households. The number of personal accounts, personal accounts and assets of both caused by mismanagement, do not pay enough attention to the account, for trading accounts, false accounts and fictitious agency account of potential problems, bank management also caused the waste of resources, long-term real accounts became the bank internal risk point. How to use the accounts of I, II, III? I will account for class I as the "Treasury" class I account fully functional, the amount of capital inflows and outflows. Can be used as a payroll account or personal wealth account, mainly for large consumption, large capital flows, savings deposits and investment banking. I do not have to carry accounts, but also reduces the risk of loss of cards. The class II account as the "wallet" class II account investment functions, can be transferred to the capital from class I to the account, no cumulative transfer limits, both to meet the daily use, and avoid large financial losses. The class III account as "zero wallet" class III account is mainly used for small high-frequency trading, account balance does not exceed 1000 yuan, suitable for binding and daily payment account, small high-frequency trading (such as the payment of two-dimensional code, mobile phone NFC payment etc.). Can be used with the charge, convenient and safe. How to open accounts of I, II, III? I need to be opened by the bank staff before the core. Class II and III account has not yet unified regulations, some banks indicated that still background system specific upgrade, after December 1st can be set up, the bank also said that the ongoing office training, the follow-up will be released out.相关的主题文章: