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Real-Estate Bulk REO properties What They Are, Where They Are, and Why They Matter One of the latest trends in the real estate industry today is buying and selling bulk REO properties. While REO properties have been in vogue for decades, the housing market crisis of 2007 has sent the industry through the roof in terms of investors looking to cash in on the depressed housing markets. Investing in bulk REO properties has become one of the leading ways to make money in the current market. This is because of the depressed prices and below-value properties on the market as a result of a near-historic rate of foreclosures across the nation. This article describes bulk REO properties and REO investing and how you can take advantage of REO listings in your area. A Brief Look at REO Houses The term REO is used in the industry to denote those homes that are owned by the bank that owns the mortgage for the property. When a homeowner goes through foreclosure, the bank obtains control of the property and attempts to unload the property at or near its assessed value in an auction. This is not always possible, though; in the event that no one is willing to purchase the home (which is frequent, since investors know the price of the home will likely fall following an unsuccessful auction), the bank retains the property and usually seeks to sell it through the market. Taking advantage of REO houses on the open market, through REO listings, is about obtaining a home on the market versus the auction and obtaining possible discounts in price. Finding REO Foreclosures Buying and selling bulk REO properties entails first finding possible candidates for purchase. You can find REO foreclosures through general market directories, but the best place to look is in dedicated REO listings. These listings are made available by a variety of sources and contain descriptions of foreclosed properties in the local area, along with the offered price by the listing agency. Benefits of REO Properties The main advantage of finding bulk REO properties is buying homes at a discount. In a perfect world, a bank will prefer to sell the home at its assessed value, i.e. how much it is worth in a stable market. In a depressed market or a buyers market home prices are usually below the assessed value. A foreclosed home, therefore, represents a potentially valuable asset being sold at an inexpensive price. The goal is to purchase the depressed property, renovate it if necessary, and then sell it after the market has recovered (or the offered price has risen) for a profit. You can take the process a step further and buy bank REO properties in bulk. The disadvantage of this is that large amounts of capital are needed, since you are investing in multiple properties at once. The advantage is that you can make an impressive profit margin off of one bulk sale. In this market today, making a living in real estate may necessitate looking into REO foreclosures as a potential source of income. About the Author: If Ken Can Do It… Kenny Rushing targets to teach 1 million people about how to enjoy financial freedom through real estate investing in the next five years. His courses reflect his inspiring tagline – If KEN Can Do It, So KEN You. This sets him apart as a real estate profit maker and profit teacher in the Tampa, FL region. Kenny Rushing has made it big as a real estate investor at a young age and this sets inspiration for the folks from the same age group. Bulk REO Trader by Kenny is indeed a life-changing experience and the ladder to financial independence. To learn more about Kenny’s Bulk REO Trader Home Study Course visit ==> 相关的主题文章: