Beyonce accidentally missed the Emmy cited hot or canceled due to illness to attend (video)-stellarium

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Beyonce, who was absent from an Emmy Award for a hot debate or was canceled due to illness, was told by a producer on Monday that Beyonce had never intended to perform at the awards ceremony. Beyonce (Beyonce) Beyonce Super Bowl halftime show hey burst the "Hollywood reporter" Chinese station reported on September 19th (author: Colin Stutz, Billboard) on Sunday in the "Emmy" (Emmy Awards) awards ceremony, why Beyonce (Beyonce) did not show up? In this year’s Emmy Award, Beyonce with the new album "Lemonade" was nominated for the Emmy Awards, her debut is expected thing, evidence that the organizing committee has prepared for her seat in advance. According to the schedule, Beyonce’s seat in the United States actor Kell · Chandler (Kyle Chandler) in front, next to the Levi · Sri Boer (Liev Schreiber), but Beyonce ultimately did not appeared in the Emmy Awards, which also makes a lot of people disappointed. Earlier there was news that Beyonce will bring surprise performances at the Emmy, but a producer awards this Monday told the "bulletin board" magazine, Beyonce never intended to perform at the ceremony. Finally, Beyonce in the Emmy Award for "Grease: Live" lost to director Thomas · Kell (Thomas Kail) and Alex · Lu Shinseki (Alex Rudzinski), but in any case her absence is inevitable. John · Oliver (John Oliver) the seat was with Beyonce through the two row of seats, in a backstage interview, the last week "the tonight show" (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) host also talked about Beyonce’s absence. "I thought Beyonce was going to come. I’ve seen the table. I should be sitting in the two row behind her." John ·, Oliver said: "I was very excited about the 48 hours before the show began." I can look at Beyonce’s head for the next 4 hours But she didn’t show up, so it was a bit of a loss to me." "I was going to look at the stage from the back of her head, and it would be very happy, because I had never experienced it before." John ·, "added Oliver," but it might be wise to put the dove in the party." Beyonce fans also feel unhappy about her absence, but according to a report from the focus on Beyonce’s Twitter account "THE BEYHIVE" of the news that the pop star Emmy is absent because of injury: "Emmy Award producer has been confirmed, because of physical discomfort, Beyonce canceled at the Emmy arrangement." (Translation: Dudu) [The Hollywood]相关的主题文章: