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Beijing – VIDEO – visit Jiangnan Millennium view more than 1600 years to visit the temple of Wanshou Palace incense Jiangnan Millennium temple incense 1600 years palace view [comment] in September 1st the 1th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, is located in the city of Nanchang from Jiangxi, thirty kilometers southwest of Xishan Wanshougong ushered in the most exciting day, a large number of tourists gathered in the palace pilgrimage. A time such as the influx of people, the streets. Xishan Wanshougong is the famous Jiangnan Millennium view, is the ancestral home of Jing Ming Zhong filial piety, to commemorate the work of Xu Xun water built, as the legend of immortal "Bazhaifeisheng Xu Xun", "people jiquanshengtian" also comes from this. The annual Temple Fair held in Nanchang Xishan Wanshougong lasted 40 days, lively and extraordinary, especially in the 1th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar "Xian day", near the people eager to pay tribute to the statue of Xu Xun robe, Thanksgiving and blessing. The same day, on the way to the palace on the road, tourists crowded and traders crying aloud, a bustling scene. The front door is the temple pilgrimage team around the streams of people busily coming and going, high Qingqi streamers, chest hanging Dragon carving, holding incense in. The hospital people burn incense to worship, furnace smoke misty, melodious bell. [comment] according to the town of Xishan, Nanchang New District comprehensive management office responsible person, in order to maintain the order, guarantee the safety of tourists, local police stationed more than 2000 human, security police for the first time in the street, and enable the drones to spy, blind to inspect the ground patrols and the camera can not cover or key monitoring area, clear picture to command room, also uploaded to Skynet, for the Department of the province, city, district public security official view real-time situation. [general manager] over the Guangzhou Sky Aviation Technology Co. Ltd. Liang Mingliang now today we will in charge of the temple side of the air security, monitoring, all kinds of police service. We mainly use the night HD, zoom camera, we can patrol the entire venue over, then with the details of the zoom observation of 10 or 18 times lower, then can fly up to 320 National Highway there, a monitoring of the traffic. The range is very far. [comment] Jiangxi Nanchang Xishan Wanshougong director Li Youjin told reporters that the Xishan Wanshougong temple has a history of over 1600 years old, every year the number of visitors continues to increase, in recent years, has reached hundreds of thousands of tourists trips scale. [Jiangxi] period Nanchang Xishan Wanshougong abbot Li Youjin in the ancestral (Xu Xun) 136 years after death, people in order to commemorate his merit, he died spontaneously in the day, to commemorate him and worship him. So, slowly formed the Wanshou Palace temple. Then, the temple of Wanshou Palace is now more than 1600 years of history, until now. From the beginning of last year, we all installed security doors in the main intersection, each one of the believers through the security door automatic counting time, from 30 in July last year, the August to the beginning of two days, counting up to more than 370 thousand people, then, and may not add up to nearly 600 thousand people. Reporter Wang Haoyang Huashan Jiangxi reported相关的主题文章: