Beijing civil service exam enrollment in November 14th Beijing returnees relaxed recruiting winbook

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Beijing civil service exam enrollment in November 14th Beijing relaxed recruiting news returnees (reporter Wu Wei) yesterday, "2017 annual Beijing authorities at all levels of the civil service examination notice" issued. The "Beijing" 2136 jobs Zhaolu a total of 5022 people, compared to 6857 last year, less than 1835 people, a decline of nearly 30%. However, in 2016 the Beijing civil service recruitment is the highest value in recent years. The previous year in the number of recruiting were about 3000 people, the recruiting 5022 people, the scale is not small. Job recruiting information shows that 1782 jobs only need a bachelor’s degree can apply, the total number of jobs 77.02%. While the recruiting, in addition to municipal authorities Zhaolu 401 positions, the remaining 1735 posts are under the district authorities zhaolu. Beijing City Public Security Bureau 62 posts to recruiting 700 people, the largest number of units for recruiting. In addition, unlike in previous years, this year, Beijing issued the "2017 annual Beijing authorities at all levels of the civil service examination subjects in public examinations outline", provide written examples, candidates can follow the outline of the science test. The educational requirements for more relaxed the recruiting requirements for the candidates of the degree is not high. Bachelor degree is still the main body of the recruiting, 1782 undergraduate students can apply for jobs, the total number of jobs 77.02%, college degree can be reported to the position also has 243, 14 higher than last year, the total number of jobs accounted for 11.38%, only 4 requirements of doctoral students. At the same time, for the requirements of the grass-roots experience, recruiting is a clear requirement has 2252 people, 717 jobs in 2017 the number of graduates, working experience is not restricted 1243 people, 426 jobs, more than two cases in 2017 graduating students can apply, the number of recruiting accounted for 69.6%, for two years working experience at the grass-roots level of job in 654, the total number of jobs 30.62%. Not only the level of education and grassroots experience more loose, the political outlook is not too strict requirements. 2017 Beijing civil service exam has 1609 positions are not limited to political outlook, accounting for 75.3% of the total number of posts. Candidates for the Communist Party, the Communist Party or Communist Youth League, a total of 523 jobs, accounted for the total number of jobs 24.5%. Under the district recruiting accounted for 80% from the recruiting department, administrative authorities Zhaolu 3131 people, accounting for 62.35% of the total number, recruiting 1258 jobs, accounting for the total number of jobs 58.89%, close to 60%; followed by the civil service law and administrative units, accounting for more than 26.12% jobs. The central authorities of recruiting and the following 1735 positions recruiting plan, the total number of jobs 81.23%, the demand for jobs that relatively large base. In the District of the recruiting, most Dongcheng District put posts, 191 posts, plan Zhaolu 294 people; the number of Chaoyang District recruiting plan up to 177 job plan recruiting 425 people. Aspect 1 Beijing relaxed recruiting conditions this year "returnees jingkao" still do not allow civil servants.相关的主题文章: