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UnCategorized Do you have a birthmark that is not nice to look at and is always being the center of ridicule? Are you willing to undergo surgery in order to look younger? Do you want to remove some excess weight on a few places of your body – and maybe add some padding to a few other selected spots. Before doing this – there are some plastic surgery issues to consider. Today, almost everyone can take advantage of the plastic surgery mania that was only being enjoyed before by the rich and famous. Plastic surgery issues are now being discussed even by teenagers. Surprisingly many of them would consider undergoing plastic surgery to have the good looks that they all desire. You must remember that plastic surgery is still surgery and with it .e some serious issues that you need to address. Remember that plastic surgery is not always the solution if you suffer from weak self-esteem. It is best to know all possible plastic surgery issues and take precautions before undergoing a procedure. You need to ask yourself a few personal questions first before going under the knife. One issue that you need to remember is the surgeon. You need to check if he is really a licensed plastic surgeon. You need to check if he has a certificate from the board of Medical examiners and if he is affiliated to a national organization. This institution provides strict guidelines to its medical doctors. They usually oblige the doctors to have a certain level of training and seminars to be.e a member to their institution. Knowing that your doctor has relevant certificates goes some way to assure you that you can trust him in handing your life over to him during the surgery. You need to research any plastic surgery issues and risks that the procedure itself involves. In recent studies, almost 5 percent of the people undergoing plastic or cosmetic surgery are experiencing difficulty or are having side effects from implants. These could be caused by infection or sub-standard surgery work which in the extreme can even lead to death. Never resort to cheaper but inadequately trained plastic surgeons. .plications could result if the surgeon is not very good or if the hospital or clinic is not adequately sanitized. If you are just experiencing low self-esteem, you should probably see a psychologist first, rather than a plastic surgeon. Most of the time plastic surgery by itself cannot boost low self-esteem. The statement "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" truly speaks for itself. You need to talk to your surgeon on what will you expect to see after the surgery. You might be disappointed to see less improvement than expected, resulting in even lower self esteem after surgery. The surgeon needs to discuss with you the danger, possibilities, and realistic expectations from the results. This is to prepare you for what will happen next. If undergoing a liposuction, remember that the procedure is very risky. Some patients who undergo liposuction experience problems and .plications like overloading fluid. Liposuction has even led to death. In short, plastic surgery is still a serious procedure that you need to consider carefully before subjecting yourself to it. You need to consider all the issues involved and the risk that you will be facing once you are already there in the operating room. Always discuss the procedure thoroughly with your loved ones and your surgeon before you make your decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: