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Apple has submitted a number of new products in applying for trademark registration in accordance with the upcoming release of Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, the brand is said to have been designed with the apple a trademark application for international registration book may disclose the new products and services, these products and services may be with the release of iPhone 7, wireless headset AirPods and MacBook Pro in the revision of the many features or configuration relationship. Registered trademark attorney Blaine · Conroy (Brian Conroy) on Tuesday contacted apple news site AppleInsider, with a registered trademark of apple is said to be submitted in the international scope of the application, the trademark registration may be applied to a series of new products in the upcoming release of apple. Including some well-known Apple products have names of these registered trademarks, such as Siri, Breathe, iPad, Pro series of True Tone Display, macOS Sierra and related spelling can be seen in almost every apple product on the "designed by Apple in California" (California Apple Design) ". However, apple registered trademark application documents also lists some can not immediately identify the terms. Conroy pointed out that some mysterious terms, such as "Iris Engine" (Iris engine) and its variants, "Smart Button" (intelligent button) and "Touch Bar" (a touch) and "Progress Card" (schedule card) and "Swift Lab" (rapid laboratory) etc.. It is also worth noting that "AirPod Case", "Control Strip" (control bar), "Home Hub" (Family Center) and "iBooks Storytime" (iBook story time), etc.. These patents have been labeled "6 months after the expiration of eligibility". Apple should not use them before the patent expires, so the application for trademark registration. Conroy said: Apple wants to be released for these new products to be kept secret, so the application for registration of the trademark act is also a secret. Typically, 6 days before the expiration of the eligibility period of 4 days, they will apply for a global." Conroy is a patent lawyer in Ireland, listed in the Rennick Solicitors law firm. He was the first to publish information on the "Death Trooper" registered trademark, the first disclosure of "Harry and the cursed child," the registered trademark of the person who is also. Conroy’s progress is reminiscent of Apple’s shell company, Entertainment in Flight, which is said to have been built specifically to apply for a AirPods registered trademark. "Trade Up", "Swift Lab", "Progress Card", ""相关的主题文章: