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.puters-and-Technology The iPad by Apple is intended to be.e available in the USA in early April but will the iPad do well? We try and answer this question in this article. Firstly, lets look at what the iPad is. In his keynote speech that launched the product, Steve Jobs described the iPad as a "third category device". By saying this, he was positioning the product between the iPhone and a laptop. It has to perform better than an iPhone and almost better at most of the laptop capabilities to succeed, he said. Jobs pointed at cyberspace browsing as a primary function. The iPad has to be amazing at browsing the web. Well it is certainly more substantial than an iphone and has the helpful ability to be rotated into either portrait or landscape that the apple iphone has. You can also use your finger to scroll web pages which makes browsing very intuitive and also uncannily interactive. Yes, there is no question that the iPad is better at web browsing than the iPhone for one very good reason. It is bigger. I tried a search on Yahoo yesterday with an iPhone. It was almost impossible because the screen was too small and the web page sadly hadn’t been designed to work with an iPhone. The size of the IPad screen makes surfing the Internet far more enjoyable and fruitful. What about .paring it to a laptop .puter? You can’t move a laptop .puter around to change the display orientation and you won’t be able to navigate with your fingers so you need either the built in pointing device or a mouse. The iPad most probably wins with these features, but only if you really need to rotate the screen, and we have all spent many years browsing the internet not wanting, or needing to. Most laptop .puters have bigger screens too and many have increased display resolutions than the the iPad. A laptop .puter is considerably more pricey than an iPad, but what about a . book? These are portable mobile devices with WiFi and 3G access that can browse the web. They also cost around the same as an iPad will. There is less clear blue water between the functionality of the iPad and a . book. Will consumers find the iPad so appealing that they would rather buy an iPad in preference to a .book PC? We will have to see. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: