Ampang insurance 3 billion 600 million subscription Shandong high-speed 90% set by the immediate Fuy cagliari exchange

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Ampang insurance 3 billion 600 million subscription Shandong high-speed 90% set by the immediate Fuying over 600 million Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money from WeChat public Chinese brokerage Author: Ceng Yanxin original title: Ampang suddenly! 3 billion 600 million for the Shandong high-speed 90% set by immediate Fuying over 600 million A shares in silence after half a year, Ampang insurance tonight suddenly shot, but this is the start directly from the market, not to rush to raise any retail opportunities. Shandong Expressway announced that the proposed non-public offering of A shares of not more than 708 million shares, raising funds of not more than 4 billion yuan, the funds will be invested in Ji’nan to Qingdao expressway expansion project. The project will be combined with the subscription asset and Huarong Trust Ampang, Ampang which assets of about 3 billion 600 million yuan to subscribe, Huarong Trust subscription of about 400 million yuan, will increase the price of 5.65 yuan per share. It is worth noting that, at the end of June 2016, Shandong high-speed monetary fund size has reached 7 billion 804 million yuan. Before the suspension, Shandong high price of 6.68 yuan, if not to consider the effect of diluted, Ampang assets to participate in the the times given has been floating profit 656 million yuan, profit rate reached 18.23%. It is worth noting that the Ampang assets in commitments announcement, all funds are no leverage component. Shandong expressway will resume trading tomorrow. No promise of leveraged funds Ampang assets in the Shandong high-speed 4 billion yuan set by the project, Ampang assets through two information management products to participate in the Shandong high speed set by this, the total subscription amount of 637 million shares, which has set up a "win-win Ampang assets – No. 3" will be responsible for 3 billion yuan. Yet the establishment of the "1" blue chip – Ampang assets will be responsible for the remaining 600 million yuan subscription. Huarong international trust through its own funds to subscribe for 400 million yuan. Specifically, as of June 30th, Ampang assets – win No. 3 products, the scale of 6 billion yuan, three of the principal product per capita is Ampang line members, including Ampang entrusted investment funds 3 billion yuan, 2 billion 500 million yuan and the harmonious and healthy principal, principal investment 500 million yuan Ampang pension funds. In addition, as of the date of signing of the plan, Ampang assets – No. 1 has not yet completed the establishment of blue chip. However, Ampang assets have been issued by the commitment that the ultimate investor assets – Ampang No. 1 blue chip does not contain any leverage structured product design and structural arrangements, there is not any structured financing. Ampang assets also promised, asset management products through the non – public offering of new shares obtained, 36 months will not in any way for the transfer of new shares since the end of the issue, including but not limited to the public through the transfer of securities market or by agreement transfer. Announcement shows that this issue given the increasing prices to the pricing benchmark 20 trading days before the company’s stock price is expected to 90%, the price of 5.65 yuan per share. Compared to the Shandong high speed before the suspension price of 6.68 yuan, if not to consider the effect of diluted, Ampang floating surplus assets involved in the magnitude of the scheduled increase has reached 18.23%, floating profit regulation theory相关的主题文章: