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The ship broke into our territorial waters of Xisha   expert: Chinese should enhance military power — military — February 1 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zijuan) U.S. Wilbur missile destroyer without prior notification, into the China Xisha island 12 miles off, "said military experts in CCTV today’s focus" interview, the selection of U.S. warships into Xisha to pick things, have deliberately highlight China for military threat, and strengthen the construction of military intentions. Facing the aggressive situation in the United States, China should enhance its military strength. China Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun issued a statement that Chinese garrison troops and naval aircraft immediately action, identification verification of U.S. warships, and immediately be warned to drive away. The US action is a serious violation of law, which undermines the peace, security and good order of the sea area, and is also not conducive to regional peace and stability. China’s defense ministry expressed its strong opposition. Yang Yujun pointed out that in May 15, 1996, the Chinese government announced the Declaration on the baselines of the territorial sea, announced the partial baselines of the territorial waters of the Chinese mainland and the baselines of the territorial waters of Paracel Islands. It is a deliberate provocation by the US side to send warships into China’s territorial waters. Yin Zhuo pointed out that China announced the territorial sea point, baseline in the Xisha, U.S. warships to invade our territorial waters is an obvious fact. The main strategic consideration is that the United States is cutting its military spending, picking up the Xisha sea area in the South China Sea, highlighting the Chinese threat, striving for more military investment and strengthening the army building in Xisha. When it comes to whether American ships will break into our territorial waters and whether they will also collect intelligence, Yin Zhuo said that American ships have powerful electronic reconnaissance and jamming capabilities, and collecting intelligence is the consistent practice of American ships and airplanes. The big ship "Wilbur" entered my 12 nautical mile, and it was also considered. Because the Chinese navy has a light frigate in Xisha, the displacement is about 4000 tons. If the ship collision occurred, if sent us littoral combat ships may suffer, therefore, it choose to send a large ship. Moreover, the "Wilbur" missile destroyer’s regional air defense capability and self-defense ability is strong, and it can be equipped with dozens of land to air cruise missiles, and also has certain anti submarine capability, sending it to perform tasks with high safety factor. Nguyen Tan Ze, executive vice president of the China Institute of international studies, believes that China should enhance its military strength in the face of the aggressive situation in the United states. The United States dares to invade China’s territorial waters without authorization, threatening our sovereignty and territorial security, indicating the necessity and urgency of strengthening the construction of necessary military facilities in China, and strengthening the deployment of military forces such as ships. In addition, we should take action on diplomacy to solve the strategic attempt of the United states.   美军舰擅闯我西沙领海 专家:中国应提升军事实力–军事–人民网 人民网北京2月1日电 (记者 黄子娟)就美军“威尔伯”号导弹驱逐舰未事先通报,驶入了中国西沙中建岛12海里海域一事,军事专家在接受央视《今日关注》采访时表示,美国军舰这次选择驶入西沙挑事,有故意突出中国威胁,争取军费和加强军队建设的意图。面对美国咄咄逼人的态势,中国应该提升军事实力。 中国国防部新闻发言人杨宇军发表谈话称,中国守岛部队和海军舰机当即采取应对行动,对美军舰进行识别查证,并迅即予以警告驱离。美方此举是严重违法行为,破坏了有关海域的和平、安全和良好秩序,也不利于地区和平稳定。中国国防部对此表示坚决反对。 杨宇军指出,1996年5月15日,中国政府公布了《关于领海基线的声明》,宣布了中国大陆领海的部分基线和西沙群岛的领海基线。美方在对此完全清楚的情况下,派军舰擅自进入中国领海,是有意的挑衅行动。 尹卓指出,中方在西沙宣布了领海基点、基线,美军舰入侵我领海是明摆着的事实。美国这次选择驶入西沙,主要的战略考量是因为美国正在大肆削减军费,在南海西沙海域挑事,突出中国威胁,争取更多军费投入和加强军队建设的意图。 谈到美国舰船闯入我领海,是否也会进行情报搜集时,尹卓表示,美军舰船具备强大的电子侦察及干扰能力,搜集情报是美国舰船和飞机的一贯做法。这次派大型舰“威尔伯”号进入我12海里,也是有所考虑的。因为中国海军在西沙有轻型护卫舰,排水量约4000吨。如果中美军舰发生擦碰,美军若派出濒海战斗舰可能会吃亏,因此,它选择派大型舰。而且“威尔伯”号导弹驱逐舰的区域防空能力和自卫能力强,可装备数十枚对陆巡航导弹,还具备一定的反潜能力,派其执行任务安全系数高。 中国国际问题研究院常务副院长阮宗泽认为,面对美国咄咄逼人的态势,中国应该提升军事实力。美国敢于擅自入侵中国领海,威胁我主权及领土安全,说明中国加强必要军事设施建设的必要性和紧迫性,要加强舰船等军事力量的部署。另外,要在外交上采取行动,破解美国的战略企图。 相关的主题文章: