Aladdin and the magic lamp point awarded funny brain hole

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"Aladdin and the magic lamp" point awarded funny brain hole Arabia dress into chaos of French India wind magic square dance Hin Aladdin candy machine will open out of thin air battle scene Sina entertainment adventure hilarious comedy "Aladdin and the magic lamp", Chinese will visit the mainland in November 18th. Recently, the film held ahead of French flurry will see the film. The film will look after a lot of media people address him enjoyable, "bursting point and tears point Luandun" and "casual cold humor", "brain hole, entertaining design is probably comparable to" Three Idiots "". IP Swiss French fairy tale childhood masterpiece with cutting-edge tales of love and adventure double element assembly fairy IP escort, "heart" for the same wonderful story! "Aladdin and the magic lamp" in the classic fairy tale based on re creation, give life and energy of the new film. The comedy elements subversive and new plot, ideological, artistic, adventure story as one of the kernel, it won the annual box office champion in the glory of France, in its three week winning three consecutive domestic box office record, France 4 million 380 thousand times success. In addition, the film from Swiss fairy story love story, it is integrated into the exciting "through", "magic", "adventure" and the IN element. Bursting point Luandun pulled earthshaking spoof and flying piece "very entertaining nonsense spicy cry, laugh, have a piece, a truth", Aladdin and the villain in the film fight like a rubber band, pull back and forth, found throughout the movie. The tribute spoof elements and fragments will be integrated into the chamber of secrets, Luandun, escape fighting elements such as bungee jumping, ultimate pursuit of magic effects and anti humor routines, using black humor satire means to explore social issues, discussion and criticism of education is in the gap between rich and poor, money worship, lack of sincere emotion in endless jokes, funny fun the French Fan Jin Youdao spicy. From the fairy tale burning to reality double feelings enough tears fantasy effects to create a romantic experience when Aladdin first "lamp blessing counterattack trip, overbearing prince into the street, young civilians turned worth pressing, guards challenge the fate line. Surprisingly, the film is to subvert the brain hole phenomenon linked to the design of double story line, from modern life to the fairy tale of love, "nonsense, bicker leather, Biao piece, poke heart" upside down by the "scholar’s four jewels" pocketed the tears of the audience, the interpretation of a most romantic French love story. In the dance stop to laugh at national hi belly dance square dance Hin French India wind magic earlier swept the Internet and network promotion Master explosion of red ah ah "brainwashing Divine Comedy" magic return! The film will be the scene, the scene of several dancers jump ah ah hi version of belly dance, simple repetitive dance movements, poisoning dynamic melody, "know the truth" to the crowd, a professional dancer and high-energy duel thoughts. And Aladdin in the film magic square dance and the reality of belly dance across dimensions stubble frame, minute Biao piece, want to challenge the "square dance" supreme throne. (commissioning editor: small 000)相关的主题文章: