AC Milan to catch up with Ibrahimovic again this summer! Two conditions of the Champions League + pi-webquest

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AC Milan this summer after Ibrahimovic exposure! Two conditions: the Champions League and Champions League qualification will be the pillow talk to one of the factors of Ibrahimovic investment sina sports news AC Milan recently in good condition, nearly 10 of their games unbeaten during the 2-0 win over Florence, defeated 3-0 international Milan, and the last round draw with Naples. They also let fans see the state for the Champions League qualification hopes, to qualify for the Champions League, Milan AC will restart the introduction of the Ibrahimovic plan. At present, the Rossoneri and ranked third in the Florence 8 points worse, if we can continue the good form, so hopefully in the next race wiped out the 8 minute gap. Now AC Milan has determined broke into the final of the Italy cup, and if the other side Juventus have also successfully cut, then the finals will start between the two teams. If Milan win, so they will directly get a UEFA Cup tournament, and if they win, and they successfully defending in the league, the Champions League qualification will shun to sixth in the league, so long as Milan hold the position now, at least the next season will be to return to Europe, but the Champions League is their further pursuit of the goal. Last summer AC Milan to love Ibrahimovic jinzhuibushe, club president Berlusconi always believe that Ibrahimovic will return to the San siro. According to "Rome sports newspaper" reported, Berlusconi once again brought up the plan for Ibrahimovic, he believes that as long as Milan to qualify for the Champions League, so Ibrahimovic will be willing to return to the team, the Champions League is the most basic conditions. Ibrahimovic is currently not with Paris Saint Germain to renew his contract will expire in the summer, but he had also said in an interview about his future, will be a big surprise. The Italian media also cited an important factor, is the wife of Ibrahimovic love Milan very much, but Ibrahimovic loves the wife is known to the public, perhaps this is a decisive factor in prompting Ibrahimovic to make a choice. (simple, shallow)

AC米兰曝今夏再追伊布!两大条件:欧冠+枕边风 欧冠资格将会是伊布来投的因素之一   新浪体育讯  AC米兰近段时间的状态不错,近10场比赛他们保持不败,期间还2-0击败了佛罗伦萨,3-0击败国际米兰,以及上轮战平那不勒斯。他们的状态也让球迷看到了争夺欧冠资格的希望,而若取得欧冠资格,AC米兰将重新启动引入伊布的计划。   目前红黑军团与排在第三的佛罗伦萨还差8分,如果能够延续良好的竞技状态,那么很有希望在接下来的赛程中抹消这8分的差距。现在AC米兰已经可以确定闯进了意大利杯的决赛,而如果另一边尤文也顺利晋级,那么决赛将在这两支球队之间展开。如果米兰夺冠,那么他们会直接得到一个欧联杯参赛席位,而如果尤文夺冠,而他们又在联赛中顺利卫冕,欧联资格将顺给联赛第六,所以只要米兰守住现在的位置,至少下赛季会重返欧战,而欧冠就是他们进一步追求的目标。   去年夏天AC米兰就对旧爱伊布紧追不舍,俱乐部主席贝卢斯科尼始终相信伊布会重返圣西罗。而根据《罗马体育报》的报道,老贝再次提起了引进伊布的计划,他认为只要米兰取得欧冠资格,那么伊布会愿意回到球队,欧冠是最基本的条件。   目前伊布还没有与巴黎圣日耳曼续约,他的合同将在今夏到期,而此前他在接受采访时也表示关于他的未来,会是一个大惊喜。意媒还举出一个重要因素,就是伊布的妻子非常热爱米兰,而伊布对老婆的疼爱是众人皆知的,这也许是促使伊布做出选择的决定性因素。   (简浅)相关的主题文章: