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A6L to 311 thousand and 500 Huiang models of competing products inventory price lead: Hui ang mass was recently listed all the highest degree of concern of the news, and the base is A6 with a platform to build on the luxurious interior, we can put it into a C car. Then its competing models include luxury brands such as A6. Today we will take a look at these products in the face of the glory of the car manufacturers in the face of the listing, have given what kind of discount rate. [Tencent] the Zhongshan Railway Station car station from Zhongshan city wide material jun’ao auto sales Services Limited to: Audi A6L (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) the maximum discount of 189 thousand and 400 yuan, please consult 0760-88365555, specific details please refer to the table for the Audi A6L car price guide price straight down inquiry 2016 TFSI technology 415 thousand and 300 103 thousand and 800: 311 thousand and 500 small car inquiry 2016 TFSI comfortable type 448 thousand and 500 112 thousand and 100: 336 thousand and 400 small car inquiry 2016 TFSI sport 461 thousand and 200 115 thousand and 300: 345 thousand and 900 2016 30 FSI small car inquiry technology 435 thousand and 300 108 thousand and 800: 326 thousand and 500 small car inquiry 2016 30 FSI comfortable type 468 thousand and 500: 117 thousand and 100 351 thousand and 400 2016 45 TFSI small car inquiry Quattro sport 524 thousand and 900 131 thousand and 200: 393 thousand and 700 small car 2016 inquiry 50 TFSI Quattro luxury 662 thousand and 200 165 thousand and 600: 49.66 Million small car inquiry 2016 50 TFSI Quattro exclusive type 757 thousand and 600 189 thousand and 400: 568 thousand and 200 small car 2016 inquiry 30 FSI special edition 478 thousand and 800 119 thousand and 700: 359 thousand and 100 small car inquiry promotion time: 2016.10.24-2016.10.28 car prices on the > tab to view the Tencent for more information; & gt; price column home page parameter configuration | models Pictures | comments | consumption Audi A6L riders the lowest price: 280 thousand about Audi A6L, with a new color, have strict requirements on every detail, give every driver out of the ordinary driving experience. At the same time, on the basis of luxury automatic air conditioning, digital display control panel, passengers and drivers can independently adjust the temperature and air flow, to ensure that every member of the car can be at any time in a comfortable atmosphere. Details: the new Audi A6L side window under the waist, front headlight has been extended to the rear, coherent, smooth and clean; taillight styling with a new line, more sharp, more elegant appearance (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). In addition, the rear cover, bumper, threshold, sealing strips are plated with a metal chrome strip, so that dynamic more dynamic. The parameter configuration | models Pictures

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