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UnCategorized Some people say that success in life .es more from presentation and showmanship than it does from substance. These words may be particularly true for the way in which a .pany presents itself to the public. One of the best ways a .pany can do this is with a toll free phone number. And because the cost of having an 800 number has be.e affordable for even the smallest of businesses, it makes more sense in today’s world than it did a few years ago. Especially since by simply integrating the toll free phone number, you can increase sales. While there is more than one good reason to obtain a toll free phone number, perhaps one of the best is that it validates a business. It easily distinguishes a serious business from the shoestring entrepreneur who asks a client to wait one minute to send a fax because he has to change the setting on a home telephone from "phone" to "fax". In addition to projecting an air of confidence and professionalism, the 800 number is culturally more familiar as the language of business. The public has .e to expect a toll free phone number as the signature of a business that would stand behind its products and services. This is a major aspect of making sales – presenting yourself as a professional business and giving the customer what they expect, if not more. A toll free phone number also makes a business appear larger than it may actually be. People tend to think that an 800 number means the vendor isn’t working out of his mom’s basement. One of the reasons for this is that the public believes that a professional phone number is expensive and beyond the reach of the small entrepreneur. This myth works in the favor of the small business. They can project an image of an established .pany while still in the building stages. When people see an 800 number, they’re more likely to call it. It’s psychological. Whether some people are frugal about little things like phone calls, or whether they believe that for reasons of principle, they shouldn’t have to pay to possibly offer business to a .pany, the toll free phone number is inviting. It says, "Look… totally no risk. Call me because the call is on me!" Whatever the quirks of human nature may be, the public appreciates getting things for free – especially in today’s economy. So if a customer is looking at 2 different ads, one with a local number and one with an 800 number, which do you think they will call and give their business to? Another nice attribute is that a toll free phone number can be personalized to match a business. Unfortunately, the mass proliferation of toll free phone numbers has resulted in many of the most catchy and easy-to-remember numbers being snapped up. However, there’s still room to obtain a number that says something about a business. People will be likelier to call a number that’s easier to remember. And if an "800" series number has already been taken, there are still many "888", "877" and "866" series starting sequences that are also identifiable as toll free in the public’s eyes. A toll free phone number used in conjunction with a virtual PBX can enhance a positive image even further. Instead of hearing an announcement that sounds unprofessional and homemade, callers can hear a smart, businesslike voice. They say that there is never a second chance to make a good first impression. Using a toll free phone number in this manner, in conjunction with offering options for the caller to enter different extensions to reach the mailboxes of different people enhances the impression even more favorably. And with the calls in digital format, it’s easy to retrieve and archive them for future purposes – like call backs to potential customers. In taking such enhancements to yet an even higher plateau, a .pany can add features such as recordings that contain meaningful messages and other information. Sometimes callers might not even need to speak with a live person. It may simply be that they want to learn about a particular house for sale, or about financing options, or account information. By readily providing these features with a virtual PBX, callers are less likely to be.e frustrated. And that means more likely to wish to do business again with such a good .pany. In the big picture, a toll free phone number will bring dividends far beyond the relatively small investment of a few dollars a month. It will depict a serious business demeanor and tell the world that a .pany is concerned with getting business done, and that it isn’t worried about being held back with little things like the cost of pens, pencils and 10 cent phone calls. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: