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E.merce If Microsoft has walked away from Yahoo for good, and I think they should, it will be a blessing. Over 40 billion dollars for a name brand is what it amounts to. Yahoo had the world by the tail at the beginning of the decade. The clear leader in all things internet and they just plain blew it! What can be a better testament to inept, egocentric and out-of-touch management than Jerry Yang’s playing hardball with Microsoft without an ounce of justification; he just gave away as much as 50% of the value of the deal for no reason that anyone can muster. In fact, his actions over the past 3 months are downright irresponsible as he actually and willfully destroyed share holder value with the sole objective of thwarting Microsoft’s takeover. But why was this a blessing for Microsoft? Firstly, it would have been a mistake. These are two .panies that have made mostly bad decisions when it .es to online success and find themselves as progressively distant also-rans to the new sheriff in town The Google. The .panies would have had major culture shock going in many directions. Microsoft has yet another opportunity to more effectively plan and invest in a new strategy to offer a fresh, new and unique alternative to Google. Google is potentially vulnerable to vertically-based search engines that, if developed upon to provide significant advantages for the online .munity vs. the all-world model of Google could begin to eat away at Google dominance. Consider, for example, a great search engine specific to real estate or specific to entertainment or even more specific like tv, radio or satellite radio. What if Microsoft can find the best industry experts in these niche areas or verticals and design and develop a truly unique search experience that is more relevant, more entertaining just plain better than the 800 pound gorilla? Why Microsoft because they have the bucks. Do they have the .mitment? Do they have the vision? Do they have the guts to start over and really innovate rather than follow they have always followed; consider MSDOS vs PC-DOS, Windows vs. MacOS, MSN vs AOL, MSN vs. Google, Xbox vs. Sony, Nintendo et al. They have always followed. Are they ready to finally lead? So, what does this all mean to you? It’s simple. Focus on Google and use a professional Search Engine Optimization .pany to generate high rankings for your important keywords. Hire a Professional Internet Marketing .pany to bring all the specialties and subspecialties to the table to get your .pany where you really want to be. Target Google and you will do just fine with all of the other search engines. The fact is, no matter what they are called, Google, Yahoo et al, it will always be about RELEVANCE and if you design the content of your site towards that aim, you will always do well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: