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Stress-Management One of the first steps in dealing with stress is to identify and acknowledge its existence in your life. By recognizing the symptoms of stress you may have you will more likely take the necessary action needed to control it. Signs such as irritability, fatigue, depression, or even lack of enthusiasm are stress signals you should not ignore! Many people use denial when coping with stress but all this does is suppress and .pound the inevitable negative effects it can have on you. What we wan to discuss here today is what we can do to relieve stress in order to maintain an emotionally and physically active and healthy lifestyle. Here are 3 simple stress management techniques you can use starting today: Finding an Outlet The key to an effective outlet for stress is an activity you thoroughly enjoy. As a rule the more physical the activity the better. The idea behind this is to focus on something other than the source of stress thus giving both the body and mind a break from the constant pressure you feel. When choosing something you really enjoy it makes it easier to maintain the routine. Seek Out Time for Thought At the very core of coping with stress is taking active measures to escape it clutches, even if it is only for a short period of time. Giving yourself time to collect your thoughts, organize them, and put them in perspective is very important. This allows you to ‘get a handle’ on the whirlwind around you and put yourself back on course. Most stress .pounds within us due to the fact that we primarily ‘react’ to it in a more emotional state. Our ability to think clearly or logically in this state of mind is severely limited. In a more collective or calmer state of mind we are better able to rationalize and reason which enables us to regain control and minimize the stress. Socialize The obvious assumption here is that you will not socialize with those that bring you stress. Interact with those whose .pany either calm you or stimulates feelings of joy or happiness within you to minimize the level of stress you feel. Your involvement with them takes your mind off the stress that continues to attack it if you ALLOW it to. Dealing with stress at it the earliest signs is best however the 3 stress management techniques we discussed above can be effective at any stage of it. As mentioned irritability, fatigue, lack of concentration and depression are all clear stress signals that need to be recognized and acknowledged. The earlier the better but it is never too late to take active measures to relieve stress. The benefits will lead to a happier and healthier life for you and those around you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: